Instagram is globally renowned for its never-ending series of stunning features and updates. Although earlier it was known as a standard video and photo-sharing platform, Instagram today has become much more than an app.


What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (Updated)
What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? 18

Despite that, many people are facing troubles with its last-seen feature. Does their mind keep thinking questions like What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? How is it relevant? Can you turn it off/on?

Let us take a look at these issues one by one.

The last seen feature

Launched in 2021, Instagram’s last seen feature is a replica of WhatsApp and Facebook’s last seen. This feature allows users to check when their friends were last active on the platform. They can also check if the other user is using the app right now or not.

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You can open your direct messages to check their activity status. The app shows Active Now if they are currently active whereas, Active 2 hours ago is the last time you opened the app. Moreover, this feature is only available for the mobile app.

Interestingly, the app earlier had an activity section where people could see all the posts their Instagram friends were liking. However, Instagram soon removed it due to several reasons.

What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (Updated)

Toggle the tool

After learning What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (Updated), let us move on to the next concern. Can users turn it off/on according to their preference?

Fortunately, YES!

Users have the sole authority to toggle their activity status as they like.

  1. Open Instagram on your smartphone and go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Privacy and scroll down to find Activity Status.
  3. From there, you can turn it off/on anytime you wish.

Once you disable this feature, you will not be able to see other’s last seen.

How precise is it?

One important thing you need to remember is that the last seen feature of any social media platform is not 100% true or precise. Instead, it is a little modified owing to multiple reasons. What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature?

For instance, if your app runs in the background even after you close it, this can alter your last seen.

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Should I keep it on or off?

It is the second most popular question after What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (Updated). It has been arising ever since the feature was made available for Instagram users throughout the world. Although it does not risk your safety and security, people are concerned whether they should turn it off/on.

What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (Updated).
What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? 19

This last seen feature has multiple advantages and a few drawbacks as some people say. For instance, it is the best way of knowing that your friends are doing good and are active on social media. You do not have to constantly poke them if you wish to know if they are doing fine or not. What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature?.

On the other hand, some users feel that this last seen feature interferes with their private space on the platform. Therefore, turning it off gives them the benefit of opening and closing the app without letting anyone know. It gives them more personal space to stay online as long as they want at night.

Moreover, many times we do not feel the need to socialize or reply to our DMs. Being at peace with ourselves on a lazy Sunday morning is all we want.

Level up your Insta game

Once you have personalized these knicks and knacks, it is time to level up your Instagram game and be at the top. For this, you can try different things. For instance: What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature?

  • Upload your posts according to a particular theme for a month
  • Build a strong and influential brand
  • Use proper hashtags
  • Use Instagram reels
  • Host an online contest

All these tips are effective to increase your likes and boost them organically.