Several factors must be considered if Instagram is one of your primary venues for brand exposure. Aesthetic appeal, Increasing audience, Consistency. Of course, you also need to consider how you'll get people from following you on Instagram to purchasing from you. 

There are many folks out there who are teaching Instagram specifically if you want to take that short route. 

Natalie Ellis from BossBabe is one of them. Since we all start on Instagram at zero, she has grown her following to 2.2 MILLION people. Instagram Growth Accelerator is the name of her Instagram training program (IGA). I looked into her IGA training after following her for more than a year. But I held off because I wasn't yet prepared to use Instagram as a primary venue for amplification. 

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Instagram Growth Accelerator (IGA) – what is it? 

The flagship course from Natalie Ellis, Instagram Growth Accelerator, focuses on how to develop your Instagram account naturally. 

You'll learn practically everything you need to know about Instagram in this 12-week course, from how to write your bio to attract more leads to how the colors and effects you use on your photographs can affect how viewers see your business. 

Insta Growth Accelerator is more than just a course with exercises for you to complete on your own. You will receive the following when you enroll in the system (and yes, it is an investment at $1997): 

  • Lifetime access to the course with all future revisions to the team's tactics and strategy, and her team will support you to ensure your flawless implementation. 
  • A welcoming private network where you can meet new business partners for cooperation. 
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What is Instagram Growth Accelerator Made Of? 

Instagram Growth Accelerator is excellent since Natalie doesn't simply dive right into the strategies, like how to create your grid or choose your hashtags. She truly wants to ensure that you have discovered the fundamentals of your audience. The focus of the first courses is on developing a solid grasp of your ideal client and defining How you assist them as well as the changes they undergo as a result of working with you. 

Additionally, the foundations continue. Before you choose your first image or pen your first post, IGA includes lessons on storytelling, selling, and maintaining consistency with your Instagram. 

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Naturally, Instagram Growth Accelerator also discusses strategies for using Instagram to promote your brand and increase sales. From producing content and captions to building your visual brand to making videos and even understanding the distinction between building communities and audiences. 

Additionally, there are attractive fillable workbooks nearly at every stage, making completing your assignments simple (and pleasurable!). 

In this training, Natalie and the BossBabeTM team covered every possible angle. 

Are You a Good Fit for Instagram Growth Accelerator?

To be honest, not everyone should train. Even though it only focuses on the marketing fundamentals, my Minimum Viable Marketing Blueprint isn't appropriate for all business owners. 

You might be an excellent candidate for IGA if 

  • Instagram is one of your two main venues for business amplification. 
  • Since Instagram is a visual medium, you have excellent resources for producing visual content. 
  • You can learn effectively by watching videos and doing things. Except for workbooks and worksheets, most modules are audio/video with very little written content to complement the lessons. 
  • Establishing your brand voice and tone could use some review. 
  • Your content strategy and company philosophy are ready to be upgraded. Any platform you use can benefit from Natalie's lectures on determining your target client profile, content production, and selling. 
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IGA may not be suitable for you if

  • You're not fully committed to using Instagram as one of your amplification platforms; you're just experimenting with it. Instagram requires frequent or consistent posting. 
  • You prefer reading content to watching or listening to videos, or you lack the time. 
  • You don't want to think critically about your company or your content model; you just want some quick fixes. 
  • You are not a woman in business. However, you don't have to be a female business owner to adopt the BossBabe mindset if you don't fit the target audience. 

What Sorts of Results Does the IGA Program at BossBabe Get? 

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I must admit that I haven't yet utilized the IGA courses on my own Instagram account. (If you want to follow my narrative, make sure you're subscribed to my email list, where I offer exclusive marketing advice.) 

However, the outcomes speak for themselves; you are not required to accept my word for them. 

The Insta Growth Accelerator Has Taught Me A Few Things 

In terms of marketing, I'm not a rookie. I frequently cover topics in my marketing lectures, identifying your ideal client, comprehending your brand language, and the value of consistency. 

But even so, Natalie's lessons are still valuable. Here are just a few things I've discovered: 

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  • If you post quotes, you should do so up to four times daily. 
  • To find more content similar to what your followers are already interacting with, visit the "explore" feature in the Instagram app. Both this content's curation and your own feeds' inspiration are available to you. 
  • The posts you save and share and the people you already follow form the foundation of your explore tab. 
  • The most expensive and exotic photographs aren't usually the best-performing material. Some of the most candid pictures garner the most significant interaction. 
  • For as little as $100, you may gain up to 10,000 new followers by boosting posts from your perfect target demographic. (Obviously, this isn't a given.) 

It's clear what you want to know about What Is Instagram Growth Accelerator. So, what's next? You might also want to read our blog articles on How to cancel all sent follow requests on Instagram 2022.

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