In 2017, Facebook launched its Creator Studio for its creators to make their profile management simpler. Users are using creator studio to work with full potential and to manage their posts and content on their profiles efficiently. Recently, Instagram has also launched its Instagram Creator studio. But What is Instagram creator studio?

What is Instagram Creator Studio?
What Is Instagram Creator Studio? 11

In Facebook, with the help of creator studio, users can easily manage their account posts, messages, and other activities covered under Facebook. Also, they can create exciting and unique posts, as a lot of editing features are available on Creator studio. A bunch of information and options allows the creator to work quickly on Facebook.

In this article, we will be discussing what is Instagram Creator Studio and how does it work?

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So Let’s Start!

For many years, Instagram users, specifically organisations having business accounts are asking Instagram for including a detailed statistical report and a more straightforward method to manage their Instagram accounts. Finally, Instagram has approved their request and launched their Instagram creator studio.

The Creator Studio is a unique feature for Instagram creators, Businesses, Influencers, and other users to manage their Instagram insights easily and account with some advanced and unique features. Also, it enables them to create more detailed and quality content for their Instagram account.

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What is Creator Studio In Instagram?

What is Instagram Creator Studio?
What Is Instagram Creator Studio? 12

It is a unique platform that can manage various actions on Instagram like scheduling posts, working posts, viewing insights, etc. Earlier, it was only available for Facebook. Recently, Facebook has also introduced this feature for its other social media platform – Instagram.

Most of the prominent creators use Creator studio to increase their visibility and presence over Instagram. Also, they can create and edit their posts with the help of this feature. You can easily access them through your Desktop or Laptop.

Other than personal and business accounts, a different type of account called – creator account is also available on Instagram. 

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Benefits Of Creator Studio

There are several benefits of using Instagram creator studio. Some of the significant benefits are mentioned below-

  1. You can easily monitor your Instagram account.
  2. You can keep track of your profile Insights.
  3. Schedule your posts.
  4. Monetize and manage your account.
  5. You can create a fantastic post with the help of advanced editing features.
  6. You can simplify and organize your messages.

Apart from these basic features, you can do a lot of things in the creator studio. The creator studio allows you to use full-fledged Instagram features. A newly added feature is you can schedule your IGTV video on the creator studio. 

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Earlier, scheduling options were only limited to Facebook. But recently, Instagram users and marketers can also use these features to create hype and increase their Instagram presence.

Content Library

Content library, the exclusive Creator studio feature, gathers all stories, posts, IGTV videos, reels, photos in one place. With the help of the content library, you can easily navigate through your posts and know about their impressions. Also, you can know about the detailed insights of the post through the content library.

Inbox View

With the new Inbox view feature, the messaging on Instagram is simplified than ever. You have control over the comments and messages on your posts, and they are gathered together for a simplified view.

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You can make your IGTV videos and posts more interesting with the help of Instagram’s soundtracks. A lot of fantastic soundtracks are available on Creator studio. Creators can use these soundtracks to make tremendous and entertaining posts, ultimately increasing their reach and followers.

You can improve your Instagram visibility and reach by gaining followers and likes on your profile. More followers and impressions will feature your account in the explore and trending section.