If you’re wondering what exactly this article is about and What is Finsta? then first of all think of the contemporary social media photo-video-sharing app Instagram, sounds familiar, right? Well yes, it is familiar.

What is Finsta?

Now that you already know that we’ll be talking about something related to Instagram, let’s start from the basics of ‘What is Finsta?’.

The term Finsta, in its origin, is a combination of two terms— “Fake” + “Instagram”, used by the teen or adult influencers to post the more candid, real, or embarrassing life events they might share only to their close friends.

Thus making it a crystal clear answer to our question— A Finsta is essentially a fake Instagram account created for several reasons but mainly, cultivated for a smaller-private viewership, at times for an unfiltered version of oneself.

Is Fake Instagram Same As Fake Followers?

What is Finsta
What Is Finsta?— Can It Be Your Safe Reservoir? 4

You probably would have heard about the influence that the follower count has on your overall Instagram profile. If so, then perhaps you must also know the tits and bits of increasing the follower count via several techniques.

And since we all know, on Instagram anything and everything can be faked- from a picture to a vacation to a brand deal or even a personality.

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Here’s when the fake follower count comes into the scene, want to start from scratch?

Why not spend on the growth of followers for Instagram, fake the first impression that every other user gets to see, and make a profit?

Hence, it becomes clear that the concept of fake Instagram followers is something not applicable for What is Finsta?

Fake Instagram is your account, real in actuality whereas fake followers are something for your main influencer account known as Rinsta(Real Instagram).

Why Are Finstas a Safe Reservoir on Instagram?

What is Finsta
What Is Finsta?— Can It Be Your Safe Reservoir? 5

Nowadays, one may hate it or love it but can’t shoot down the fact social media has become that driving force that is weaving the fabric of our lives.

After all, the app claims that 1 billion people use it monthly and the app has come up as a multipurpose platform as well.

From filtered collages to clunky images, Instagram’s real accounts have gained more fake followers and that is the reason that though people have a huge follower count and though they are profiting from it,

Many among such users are driven to go against the storm and display a more authentic and purer version of themselves.

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But perhaps not on their main IG account, thus cultivating a private account with a more condensed group of trusted followers.

On their Finsta account, influencers feel more relaxed about their private life revelation, creating it a safer reservoir (in terms of social media) to post content that may be intended to stay hidden from their parents or maybe for inside jokes, or anything like that.

Has Finsta Become A New Trend?

According to the description of the term at Urban Dictionary, the Finsta accounts have been in circulation since 2013, and we are in 2021.

If you’re calling it a trend, then maybe yes, it’s a trend that has been stable for more than 7 years now, one should better call it a need.

Moreover, this long-lasting trend follows similar bases on other major social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

You must have come across a Twitter account that has two or more accounts but one of their accounts being a locked or private account.

Or you must have come across an overly private Facebook account, maybe for close friends or perhaps something like a fresh start on Facebook, etc.

They all follow the same trend which goes with Instagram and Instagram Followers.

Key Takeaway

If you are juggling while deciding whether you should create a Finsta or not due to any rumor or contempt towards the Finsta account holders, then get it all cleared here itself.

What is Finsta? Is it just some kind of trend? No, not at all. Go ahead. Create your Reservoir.

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