The best ways to get more followers on Instagram have changed significantly in the last year since the platform has focused on videos, especially Reels. In this blog, we'll look at how to build an authentic Instagram growth strategy that brings in new followers and keeps them around for a long time.

How to get authentic Instagram growth?

1. Post Consistently

As you may have heard, consistency is crucial in social media marketing. And the reason for it is that it's critical to remember when using any technique. You must frequently post to see any reach on social media because each platform's algorithm determines who sees what material. You won't reach the same kind of audience on Instagram if you don't post every day; instead, you'll post about once every two weeks. Stay regular while remaining constant. For the algorithm to recognize that you have an active account that your fans might want to check out, your Instagram presence must be updated frequently. Posting on a consistent schedule is critical for growth, but that's easier said than done. Therefore, planning and using a scheduling tool is the best way to go for massive change on Instagram. Not only is scheduling your Instagram posts forward going to save you time, but it will also reduce stress and the chance for error. Luckily, Instagram makes this simple for all of your social media marketers out there. Instagram has a scheduling feature within the Facebook Ads Manager, and several other posting tools are available, many of which come with other helpful growth features.

2. Share a Variety of Content Types

On Instagram, you can share various content types and forms. For instance, you should aim to publish to your feed once or twice daily while making Instagram stories and reels that provide your followers with even more exciting stuff to engage with.

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What should you post, though? Make a lot of different things to keep it interesting.

Here are some excellent illustrations of what you ought to share on Instagram:

  • Product images
  • User-created material
  • video material
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • hints and instructions
  • Testimonials
  • Motivational sayings
  • Memes
  • current issues

3. Work with Influencers

Instagram's growth method is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is finding the right influencers, contacting them, and helping them promote your company. There are several techniques to discover top influencers. Explore the site to find influencers with similar audiences. Mom, fitness, and lifestyle influencers are examples. Consider their arguments and their followers' demographics to decide if they should endorse your product. Contact potential partners. Most influencers include their direct or agent's email in their bio, making collaboration easy. After your initial outreach, you'll get a media kit with package and cost specifics. If you have a restricted budget, seek smaller influencers. Together, you can develop the influencer campaign. Free merchandise? Will they visit you? Discuss the best ways to advertise your product, but give them creative freedom so the content fits their style.

4. Try out Instagram Live

82% prefer live video to social media posts. This is possible with Instagram Live, and there are many reasons why you should try it. Instagram Live videos appear first in the story feeds of people who follow you. Followers of your Instagram Live videos get push notifications while you're living. Instagram's algorithm rewards business accounts that use this feature by making their profiles easier to find and increasing organic engagement.

5. Run contests

A contest on Instagram is another way to get authentic Instagram growth to see your page and grow your account. Why? People love free stuff, for one thing. People are likely to enter if you are giving away anything. Contests and giveaways work well on Instagram because there are many ways to make people join, which can help you get more followers and get more people to interact with you. You can ask people to do things like:

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  • Repost photos
  • Like your posts and tag your friends
  • Tell us about your blogs or stories.

6. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

You have up to 150 characters for your Instagram bio, so you want to make the most of it to increase your authentic Instagram growth. This makes it clear to people who might follow you what your business does, so they can decide right away if they want to follow you and buy from your company. Write a clear description of your business in your bio, and don't forget to add a little bit of your brand's personality.

7. Write Engaging Captions

Your Instagram caption is critical. You should use all 2,200 characters. Using the caption to tell a tale will assist in captivating your audience and making them interested in your business and what you offer. Start your caption with a good sentence. Capture your audience's attention so they click "See more" Always end your Instagram posts with a call to action. This will encourage others to like, comment, or click on your profile to learn more about your business.

8. Use Hashtags.

According to several research findings, the most successful Instagram photographs include twenty hashtags. This indicates that you should compile a list of pertinent hashtags that may be included in each post or video you create. Enter phrases connected to your company and your products or services in the search field to find your most popular hashtags. Use highly relevant and popular hashtags to increase the number of people who see your material.

9. Run Instagram Ads

You need to allocate funds for advertising if you want to accelerate the rate at which your business is expanding. Your capacity to promote posts and run advertisements will enhance growth and reach even more people, which is vital even though your authentic Instagram growth is essential.

If your Facebook page and Instagram business profile are linked, you can create advertisements for Instagram using the business manager offered by Facebook.

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You can construct a variety of advertisements, including the following:

  • Image adverts
  • Ads on a carousel
  • Video adverts
  • Story advertising (story ads)
  • Reels advertisements
  • Shopping ads
  • Explore advertisements

10. Be original – and stay true to your brand

Always keep your brand's integrity in mind. Monitoring platform updates are crucial. But it's unrealistic to completely rework your social media strategy every time an update or algorithm change occurs. Instead, put your efforts into producing excellent content that reflects well on your business and resonates with your target demographic. It's not flashy, but the best strategy for attracting and retaining dedicated fans.

Instagram has changed its algorithm to "give preference to promoting user-created content when making suggestions." When we talk about "original content," we mean material that was either made by you or has never been shared on the site before. As a result, resharing user-generated material is helpful for social proof but is unlikely to increase your content's visibility in recommendations.

11. Use Instagram Reels

Instagram itself says, "Reels is the best place to grow creatively, grow your community, and grow your career."

Instagram users spend about 20% of their time watching Reels on the app, which is still the fastest-growing format. If you only have time to make one change to your social strategy to prioritize growing your authentic Instagram growth, this is it.


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The only way to get real Instagram followers is to use an authentic growth service, team up with some micro-influencers, and rethink your hashtag strategy. You may increase your fan base through dedication, creativity, and these techniques. 

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