If you’ve been on Instagram, you've probably seen some of your favorite accounts recommend products. You might see an entire infomercial or find that the poster uses hashtags or tags products in the photo. The Instagrammer is probably getting paid. And the more followers they have, the more money they can make and the higher their "influencer" status.

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

If you use Instagram, there is a good chance you have encountered at least one of these items—commended by a person whom you admire and respect.

It is simple to make fun of your most recent acquaintance who has engaged in this activity, but it does not prevent the question "Are they getting paid for this?" from popping up in your thoughts from time to time. Immediately after that, another person spoke up and said, "I can smile while holding a bottle of self-tanner. Can I also get paid?"

These individuals, whom society has dubbed "influencers," have built a digital empire by pushing the most recent fashion trend while taking a few semi-filtered photos with one hand and using the other to take pictures. Their credibility is established due to increased social engagement, which occurs while constructing an influence rewarded with products, money, and occasionally fame.

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‍We are putting the numbers to the test to determine whether it is possible to become financially independent from a couple of thousand likes. And to what extent the accomplishment of that goal is feasible.

It Pays to be Popular

When you are working your way up the influencer ladder, it is typical to practice being paid more per post if you have a more significant number of followers. This line of reasoning originates from the concept that the greater the number of people who view the material, the greater the number of money marketers are ready to pay.

However, what factors determine the “magic number” one needs to reach before these articles become genuinely profitable?


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The number of followers that "micro" influencers have might range from 6,000 to 10,000. The people hiding behind these handles are striving to build their page around a particular specialty, in contrast to your well-known friend who has attracted such a large number of followers by publishing engaging content.

A recent survey found that each post can bring in an average of $88.00 in revenue for the account owner. However, most micro-influencers put off charging upfront so they can first build a more significant and sustainable presence in their respective industries.

This follower level, understood to represent a severe pastime, can open the door for your Instagram handle to participate in future collaborations or sponsored posts and provide you with some free rewards.


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At this point, brands send direct messages to accounts with this many followers regularly, asking them to promote their products in exchange for freebies: Think about clothes with designer labels, health and wellness packages that come every month, or a free meal from a restaurant that wants to get the word out.

Some money may come in from time to time, but most influencers don't want to start charging at this point because it could make their growing success look less natural.

One self-described "foodstagrammer" has 72,000 followers now. Even though each post gets many likes, the account won't start making money until at least 100,000 likes, which is the "socially acceptable" number.

Once they reach 100,000 followers, it's a rule of thumb that influencers will get paid $10 for every 1,000 followers. If you start charging for posts before this point, you might get paid less or have to settle before the account is fully grown.

Influencers with 50,000 to 80,000 followers get around $200 per post, but the price depends on the advertiser. Some accounts make deals with brands to post discount codes on their feed, and every time a new person uses their code, they get a cut of the sale. Some accounts choose to do giveaways that only increase the number of people who follow them.

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Their followings are impressive, whether these middle-tier accounts keep up their presence on the side or work hard to make their accounts their full-time jobs.


The leap from 100,000 to one MILLION followers is quite an undertaking, to say the least, coming with no standard manual or rules to follow on what to post and how much to charge.

This kind of account (with 250,000 to 500,000 followers) has hit the jackpot of Instagram influence, with an average of $670 per post that that can make.

But the money doesn't have to come from a picture on their feed.

Accounts this big have some features that smaller handles don't have yet, like a blue check mark to show that the account is verified and the ability to "swipe up" on an Instagram story. Brands and companies can use these features to run more effective influencer ad campaigns.

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It can charge whatever it wants when an account has more than a million followers.

Time is Money

But it's not just about taking good photos and tagging brands. Instagram influencers not only need a loyal following, but they also need their followers to interact with the content they post.

Many middle-tier influencers are put into direct message groups called pods, with 15 other accounts also trying to get big.

The influencer community says that people in these groups are constantly sharing their new posts with the expectation that other people will interact with those accounts. Each comment should have at least five words, and emojis should be used. This will help get more people involved. Choosing to join (or not join) groups like these can affect how much money a person can make from their account.


  1. It's easier to quit your day job and live off your Instagram income since accounts need thousands of followers before they can even start making money.
  2. Influencers on Instagram with less than 10,000 followers can make an average of $88,00 per post. People with less than 100,000 followers make an average of $200 per post, but this number can vary from account to account. Instead, most accounts at this level get free stuff or discounts for posting.
  3. Accounts between 250,000 and 500,000 followers can make a good amount of money by posting for brands, whether a still photo, a GIF-like video, or an Instagram story. Once an influencer has a million followers, it's safe to assume they are making a good amount of money and working hard to keep it.
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Top 6 Celebrity Instagram influencer net worth

A sponsored post on a celebrity Instagram influencer account with many followers can make well over $1 million. Hopper HQ keeps a long list of how much Instagram influencers make. The ones who make the most are:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo | cristiano | $1,604,000 per post | 450M followers
  2. Dwayne Johnson | therock | $1,523,000 per post | 320M followers
  3. Ariana Grande | arianagrande | $1,510,000 per post | 315M followers
  4. Kylie Jenner | kyliejenner | $1,494,000 per post | 345M followers
  5. Selena Gomez | selenagomez | $1,468,000 per post | 325M followers
  6. Kim Kardashian | kimkardashian | $1,419,000 per post | 316M followers

The top six earners are also celebrities, which is a massive advantage. It will be far more straightforward for them to reach the million-follower milestone than for the typical person. But you'd be astonished to learn that even Instagram users with a modest following in a specific specialty can make money as influencers.

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Above, you successfully learned about what is Instagram Influencer’s net worth. Read our more articles on How to do Instagram Marketing Prices. And How To Use Instagram Marketing for Realtors.

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