In today's era, Instagram is one of the popularly used social media apps that connects millions of users on a single platform. Due to this, it is tough to search for the people whom you want to follow.

Here's when the Instagram handle plays its role.

So, What Is an Instagram Handle? (& IG Language)

The Instagram handle is defined as the username of the users that elaborates their profile or account address. The link is personal and unique. And when you click on that link, you'll land upon the linked profile directly. To create a different Instagram account, you need to select a handle first. However, you are free to choose your handle based on your preferences.

You can pick your name or any other username matching your personality and defining you. At the same time, make sure that the words don't exceed the limit. Your handle shouldn't be more than 30 characters. If you face a situation in which your chosen handle has been taken by someone else, go with creating a similar or different handle.

What Is an Instagram Handle
What Is an Instagram Handle? Know Here 4

The handles can help you to explain about your brand easily, thereby increasing your followers on Instagram.

Instagram Handle

Typically, your handle is the keyword of your Instagram account or profile. On these handles, people can tag your photos, posts and videos using your Instagram username.

For instance, a random person has her handle naming "buttercup 123". You can land upon the profile through the given link. Now, no other individual can use this handle to define your account.

If you wish to tag an account, use the @ symbol next to the username like @buttercup123.

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On the other hand, if you're an enterprise or business owner, make sure that your Instagram profile handle must include the name of your brand, business or content relevant to your services because it is crucial to create a unique identity and build a sturdy social media presence. Moreover, this will also help you to promote your brand and reach out to potential customers.

Your popular business hashtags and profile handle create a marketing tactic to increase the number of your followers on Instagram.   

How to Modify Your Instagram Handle? 

If you wish to modify the handle that you have already taken, follow the steps given. 

  1. Open your Instagram profile, followed by opening the app. 
  2. Under your profile photo, you'll see an option of "edit profile". Tap on that option to edit your handle. 
  3. Tap on username and generate a new Instagram handle according to your preferences. 
  4. Click on the "tick" icon situated at the top right side. 
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Whenever you swap to a new username, you can't select the previous username again. Do not forget that username and choose more handles if you want. 

What Is an Instagram Handle
What Is an Instagram Handle? Know Here 5

What is Instagram Language? 

Are you new to Instagram? If yes, you probably don't know some specific Instagram terms. Now, you don't need to worry about that as we will discuss the Instagram language terms briefly. 

  • Instagram Handle or IG Handle- The Instagram handle is used to define the profile address of any user. In other terms, the Instagram handle is equivalent to the username.  
  • Feed- It is the section in Instagram where you can see the latest updates, posts or stories by your followed accounts or suggested people to follow. 
  • Tag- Putting the @ character next to the username, you can tag followers to a video or an image. 
  • Highlights- These are the places where you can pin your Instagram stories that vanish after 24 hours. The followers who have viewed your stories can see them again. 
  • IG Reels- Short videos of 15 to 30 seconds that you create by adding effects, sound, filters etc.