The main aim of any influencer is to attract their audiences and keep them active in an exciting manner. The Instagram challenge works well in this context. It makes the feed entertaining and develops a good bond between you and your followers.

Before getting to host a challenge for your followers, you must know “What is an Instagram challenge?”

Understanding what a challenge is

Merely posting pictures, videos and uploading stories will provide a proper reach to your followers. But for making it even more fast, trendy and exciting, the Instagram challenges are being made.

The host delivers prompts regularly for the duration of the challenge. The duration might range between a week to a month. The followers can post something relevant to the prompt to win the challenge.

what is an Instagram challenge
What is an Instagram Challenge? 4

What impacts does an Instagram challenge make?

Consider you have a business account where you promote your products on Instagram.  Your followers might scroll through your posts, it requires an extra effort to gain their attention.

  • These challenges attract your followers and make them try to show their uniqueness.
  • The hashtags you promote will be used by your followers which attracts lots of other followers to your page.
  • Your brand will reach every nook and corner that you as a single person could not do.
  • Your challenge will also provide an idea for people who don’t know what is an Instagram challenge.

Hosting an Instagram challenge

Decide a topic/theme: Ensure your theme suits your brand and the purpose of your challenge. It must attract your target audience with minimum effort.

Choose the hashtags you are likely to use: Introducing new hashtags that identify you or your business is important. These hashtags reach a wider extent when your followers use them to post a response to your challenges.

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Fix a length: You must decide on how many days your followers are encouraged to respond to the challenge. You must provide sufficient time for people to think and react to your challenge. Make sure your challenge reaches them in advance so that they can prepare.

Promote your challenge: This is the most important task. Only when a challenge reaches the greatest number of people, you can expect at least a few to participate in it. There are many ways to promote your challenge:

Market via mails: If you have a set audience who visits your blogs, you can mail them an indication of the challenge.

Join with your fellow Instagrammers: This will make it easier when you join with an Instagrammer who has a big following. It will attract an enormous set of audience in a single move.

Other social media platforms: Share your challenge on other social media platforms to attract your niche presence over there.

what is an Instagram challenge
What is an Instagram Challenge? 5

Instagram Challenge

Set your prompts: Make yourself participate in the challenge and deliver prompts at regular intervals. This will remind your followers and give them an idea of what is to be done and what is expected.

Announcing prizes: There are already many enthusiastic people out there, who would love to participate in such challenges for free. But when you announce prizes for a certain number of people, it would be motivating for others to give it a try.

Track your level: You must be aware of how many people are actively participating in the challenge. Try to get the feedback of followers from both sides. You can also make slight changes to your plans according to the feedback.

Do not complicate: Make sure that your challenge applies to people of all age groups. Don’t host complicated ones, keep it simple so that everyone might give it a try.

After feeding your brain on what is an Instagram challenge, take steps to experience it and grow higher in every prospect. Make your Instagram challenges reach a huge set of audiences and shake the social media world by making it a massive trend.