All social media platforms have privacy rules set in place. No notification will be sent to the individual being blocked. Therefore, when you block a user particularly on Instagram, the identity of the blocked individual remains confidential. Blocking to some people might seem like a harsh decision. The option of muting a person’s profile is available for them.


A blocked person cannot see your Profile Picture or Bio. Instagram follows privacy procedures very strictly and discreetly. When you block someone, they will not receive a notification. However, they will not be able to search your profile from their account. People rely on this blocking feature to avoid harassment, faced in form of cyber bullying online on their accounts. This feature grants them just that. To tell if they have blocked you, search the person from your friend’s account. If you can see their profile, chances are that you have been blocked.

Previous Likes and Comments

Sometimes you aren’t meant to be friends with some people forever. Instagram understands this and helps ease the pain by removing all previous likes and comments. Therefore, just by blocking someone, you can erase their existence from your life (on social media, that is). However, this comes with a downside. If at a certain moment you decide to unblock the person, their earlier comments and likes will not be restored.

Mentions and Tags

This is a popular question arising in the minds of people when they search on what happens before you block someone on Instagram. After blocking someone, they will not be able to contact you even through the means of tagging. They will not be able to mention your username in posts; public or private. It will be like a cool magic trick on your part. Once you block them on Instagram, it will be like you’re in incognito mode and untraceable.

you’re in incognito mode and untraceable

Direct Messages

Direct Messages and Threads don’t self-destruct on blocking. Instagram will however not allow you to message them. The person you have blocked will also not be able to send you any direct messages. Because of the blocking action, Instagram will not deliver those messages to you even if you unblocked them. These messages will be forever lost.

Can they join my Room on Instagram?

A blocked person will not be able to join a room created by you. Instagram will take your act of blocking this person, to cut ties with them. Instagram will not allow you to see their activities on Instagram and restrict your interaction with them. Only the people you follow will be able to join the room created by you. Therefore, don’t worry about that pesky person bothering you, Instagram has you covered. These changes will make your social media experience as enjoyable as possible.


When you open the message thread, Instagram will inform you that a person you have blocked is present in this group chat. It will also provide you with the option to leave the chat. This step is again vital on Instagram’s part in ensuring you have no interaction with people you block. However, if you accept the prompt and remain in the group chat, you will receive messages from the blocked person. This will not allow them to message you directly. You will only be able to see the messages sent by that party in the group.

view of the blocked person

The blocked person access the other party’s profile. Instagram will be direct them to a page with the prompt of “user not found” or “missing link error”. Once block someone on Instagram, it becomes impossible to contact them. Instagram upgrades its privacy laws regularly; it has immensely improved the blocking feature. The picture below sums up what the blocked person will see if they try to find your profile.

they try to find your profile

However, you still need to be careful. Having a public profile also risks the blocked part to see some of your Instagram activities, i.e. look at your comments and tags, by going a google search. However, the solution to this issue is to convert your profile from public to private. You can do this by changing the settings through the sidebar in the app. Conversely, if you don’t want to change your public/private settings, you can change your username, making your profile impossible to locate.


Thanks to Instagram being a user-friendly application. It’s simple and easy to block people you aren’t fond of. The steps to block someone consist of:

  • First, launching the Instagram application on your phone
  • The second step is to locate the Person’s profile
  • You will see a three-point icon at the top right corner. Click on it.
  • After clicking, it will provide you with options, select “Block”. This will immediately block the user.
immediately block the user

Conclusion ON BLOCKING

This article discusses all the questions that arise when you block someone or are about to. Having a dialogue about these questions is important. Living in a global village helps us stay connected all the time. But this privilege can lead to some people taking advantage of you or just plain bothering you. For these reasons, it a blessing that blocking someone rids us of their interaction. This feature is also great as it allows you to enjoy the application and all its features without limitation.

This feature helps to regulate a safe and friendly environment. To regulate its usage, Instagram has put a limit to prevent excessive blocking in 24 hours. However, if you feel like the account is bothering other people or is a scam, it would be best to report it.