Instagram is a social media platform that allows its users to post fun and entertaining pictures, videos and stories. Instagram is an app that introduces incredible features to help its users enhance the quality of the content they post. If you want to post a perfect and high-quality story on Instagram, make sure to learn what are Instagram story dimensions before getting started. 

what are Instagram story dimensions

How to enhance Instagram stories? 

  1. Incorporate multiple aesthetics:- A story with a good aesthetic is ideal. However, a story can be enhanced by incorporating multiple anaesthetics. Try to experiment with more than two aesthetics on a single story. This will give it a stylish and unique touch. 
  2. Post Gifs and Boomerangs:- A story with pictures and videos is pleasant to look at. But a story can be enhanced by posting cute gifs and boomerangs. Gifs and boomerangs can be made in numerous ways that look cute, chic and humorous. 
  3. Add text to your stories:- Stories with texts helps the viewers to understand them better. It also helps you to express your feelings towards a certain picture or video you have posted. 

For example:- When you post your picture on a hike, you can write a caption like ‘Hiking is the best thing in this world.’ Such captions greatly enhance the stories. 

  1. Make your stories attractive by adding different colours and sound effects:- A nice way to enhance your Instagram stories is to add colour to them. When you employ bright and shining colours, like rainbow colours, it makes the story look attractive and eye-catching. 

Along with that, you can enhance your stories by adding sound effects like background music, altered voices, etc. 

  1. Post pictures with filters and effects:- An easy and attractive way to enhance any pictures and videos is to add filters and effects. Instagram provides filters like Clarendon, Mayfair, Walden, Judo, etc. That can be used to enhance the photos, selfies and videos you want to post on your stories. 

What are Instagram story dimensions? 

Instagram story is a feature that helps the users post little updates about their day. These stories can be made precise, perfect and professional by sticking to the story dimensions. Before you start posting stories, it is recommended to learn what are Instagram story dimensions. 

Let’s dive into what are Instagram story dimensions. 

The Instagram story dimensions have 1080 px width and 1920 px height. The video resolution is 1080 px. A ratio of 9:16 must be maintained. You can post videos that are 15 seconds long. The kind of video files that can be employed are gifs, mp4 and MOV. 

These dimensions are usually present when you shoot and post a story through your smartphone. However, if you shoot a video with a camera, you will have to adjust the dimensions to 1080 px×1920px. This is to make sure that the entire video is properly visible in the story, and no portion of it is cut out. 

The dimensions for Instagram story pictures are 1080px×1920px. A ratio of 9:16 must be maintained. The kind of picture files that can be employed is Jpeg, gif and png. You can create or upload a photo collage (Max 10 pictures) on your story with the layout feature on Instagram. 

It is recommended to stick to these story dimensions, for making your Instagram stories look systematic and well-detailed. It is a great way to avoid unwanted pixilation, making your stories look professional and high-quality. 

what are Instagram story dimensions

Time to wrap up! 

Instagram is a platform that enables its users to post polished and expert content. Knowing the Instagram stories dimensions are highly beneficial to create and post stories that are of the finest quality, precise and accurate. At the end of the day, it’s your creativity, innovation and precision that will make your stories a big hit. 

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