What are Instagram Pods? Read below.

Just imagine, you are posting a picture of yours and sending a personal message to an abundance of friends to like your post. You can’t perform this tiring and repetitive task each time to post something on your profile.

The feature of Instagram that allows this task to make way easier is the “Instagram Pods”. The answer to all your doubts, starting with “What are Instagram pods?” are discussed below.

what are Instagram pods
What are Instagram Pods? Complete Guide 3

What is the necessity of an Instagram pod?

If you are not an influencer, you might not have dug deep into these features yet. It is mostly used by people who wish to become social media influencers. These Instagram pods, also known as “engagement pods” or “Insta pods” allow you to send a direct message to a group of users.

It usually consists of like-minded people who are interested in a particular topic. You must make sure you follow the rules and be consistent in posting regularly. This is an environment where the users support each other in making their posts attain a lot of attraction.

The give-and-take policy

If you decide to join an Instagram pods group, you must be aware of the rules that exist. Some of the rules are listed below:

  • In an Instagram pods group, you must follow the accounts of your pod mates.
  • You must post comments on their posts with more than four words.
  • You can’t merely comment general comments and a few emojis.
  • The comment must be specific and very much related to the particular post.
  • Commenting is also to be accompanied by likes. You must like all their recent posts too.
  • And you will be treated in the same way as all your pod mates.
what are Instagram pods
What are Instagram Pods? Complete Guide 4

What if I do not follow the pod rules?

Instagram allows only a limited number of about 15 to 20 members in a pod. Hence, if you stop being active in helping the other members of the pod but continue to receive work from them, you’ll be removed from the group.

Are bigger pod groups available?

Yes, various pods allow up to thousands of active participants. The bigger pods are easier to join and adds a sudden elevation to the followers and likes in your account. This might reveal that you are triggered by unfair means. Whereas, small pods can give you a realistic touch.

Looking into the pros and cons will give you a better idea of what are Instagram pods used for and why they are necessary.

Pros of using Instagram pods

  • It helps the users present in the group by supporting each other’s posts.
  • Many users find this as a source of motivation where people encourage you.
  • The high number of likes and comments indicates that your content is engaging and leads to a higher number of followers.
  • It keeps you engaged with the circle and makes you an influencer.

Cons of Instagram pods

  • It is very much time-consuming. You will have to react and comment for all your pod mates to receive their help.
  • At times, it does not bring real value to your posts. The positive comments and likes are only due to a mutual agreement, you might not know what your audience originally prefer.
  • It might even affect your brand image when found that the comments are not real suggestions or feedback.
  • The rules vary in every pod. Some pods may have strict rules that you must comment on and like a post within an hour. Else, you’ll be banned from the pod.

Hope this article would have cleared your doubt on what are Instagram pods.

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