The messaging feature was introduced to Instagram in 2013. Earlier, it was used to send text messages to others. With recent updates and advancements over the Instagram application, users can send text, video, image, and GIF messages to others. If you are using Instagram for a long time, you should know about DM. What are Instagram DM limits, and how did they work?

what are Instagram DM Limits
What Are Instagram DM Limits? 4

A handful of useful features are integrated with the Instagram application to make it easier to use. And one of those features is DM (Direct Message). Most people use it to start a conversation with other people. Also, you can DM a person from their stories displayed on your feed.

In this article, we will be discussing What Instagram DM limit is and their working procedure are.

So Let’s Start!

What is Instagram DM?

DM, the abbreviation of Direct Message, is a feature on Instagram introduced in 2013. With this feature, users can communicate with their friends, followers, or strangers privately. Also, this feature ensures that your conversation will remain between yourselves and will not be available to the public.

Earlier, the DM feature was limited to Smartphones and Tablets only. Recently, these feature is available for windows and other platforms too.

DM are those messages, which users can send to the desired accounts. Users can also send this message to a group. No one will be able to see those messages except the recipient.

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what are Instagram DM Limits
What Are Instagram DM Limits? 5

Unlike comments, DMs are private and limited between the sender and the receiver. No one except the receiver can retrieve the message.

DM Colors

In recent updates, the color-changing feature is introduced to Instagram. Whenever you send a DM to anyone, the messages will be displayed in violet color. After the message is seen, their colors are changed to blue. And after reading, their colors change to grey. Officially, Instagram has said nothing about this color-changing feature.

Video & Voice Calling

With every update, some new features are introduced to Instagram. And recently, video and voice calling features were also introduced. With these, users can directly interact with another person visually or through audio (with their standard Internet connection). No extra charges or membership is required to use these features.


Like WhatsApp, you can change your background theme in Instagram DMs also. For these, you need to enter your DM, click on a theme, select your desirable theme and click on Apply option. Any changes in the theme will be visible to the recipient.

Is There Any DM limit on Instagram?

Although there is no specific limit on sending DMs over Instagram, users can send a maximum of 50 to 100 DMs on a day. After hitting these limits, Instagram will automatically block your DM activity feature, and you will be unable to send more DMs before 24 hours.

There is no method for solving this problem. Hence, the user is needed to wait for 24 hours after hitting the maximum DM limit on Instagram.

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What are Instagram DM Limits?

The DM button is located on the top-right corner of Instagram. You can click on the Dm symbol to access messaging features on Instagram.


However, there are no DM limits on Instagram, but users need to care about their DMs. Once they have reached their maximum DM limit, all their messaging feature will be restricted by Instagram. The Instagram algorithm treats it as spam or Bot, and it turns off the DM features. Therefore, keep track of your DMs.

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