Have you ever encountered the message- “User not found” on Instagram while surfing or maybe while searching for any of your friend’s profiles?

Well, this is among the not-so-common issues on Instagram and the even more uncommon issue is thinking that the other person must have blocked you, right?

Anyone would have thought so but that isn’t the case every time.

If you can relate to this by any chance, hype up your inquisitiveness, go through this article, and figure out the key reasons why User not found on Instagram popped up.

user not found on Instagram
Why User Not Found On Instagram? Know Here 3

What Exactly Is “User not found on Instagram"?

There are a lot of hidden features that come in handy with Facebook-owned Instagram.

Hence one can often come across a “User not found” on Instagram message while scrunching for a friend or any desired user.

At times it becomes so incomprehensible when you cannot find an account itself.

What happens in reality to those accounts is that either their accounts don’t exist any longer or the account holder simply changed their username.

There are instances when you are hovering over the comment section, or tagged names on old posts and you click on those usernames to check their profile.

But what you receive is the “User not found” on the Instagram error message. What causes it? Wanna find out?

Below is discussed the major reason when your account does the same or when you encounter it sometime on Instagram.

5 Reasons of “User Not Found” on Instagram

user not found on Instagram
Why User Not Found On Instagram? Know Here 4
  1. Username Altered- There are times when people tend to change their usernames and this can serve as the primary reason behind the “User not found” on Instagram message. So when you click on any old username on some tagged post and the window you reach to, then you might have to go and browse their real name and finally look for their new username. Hence your query is resolved.
  2. Username Mistyping-  Nowadays, people have varied and uniquely identifiable usernames on Instagram, which is although characteristic of them, can sometimes lead to misinterpretations, which may be due to mistyping. One may perhaps spot a username that is tagged in a post or perhaps mentioned in any story or maybe typed out inside captions by their growing followers. But when clicked on that username, you are unexpectedly notified that- “User not found” on Instagram.

But instead of going with your basic predicament that the user has blocked you, check whether the name has been spelled correctly or inquire the admin and find out if the username has been typed correctly by them.

3. Temporarily Disabled/Deleted Instagram Accounts- Another chance behind the error message can possibly be that the user would have temporarily deactivated or disabled their profile.

And in these cases, users don’t even have the access to view disabled account’s Direct Messages, or anywhere else, so don’t be worried. You are perhaps not blocked and you haven’t done anything, the fault is at the other end.

4. Banned by Instagram- “User not found” on Instagram notification can be an outcome of Instagram’s limitation on that user, this is quite fairly possible after the alteration in the “Account Disable Policy” by Instagram and thus the user’s account could have been banned due to violation of company’s terms and conditions.

Likewise, certain accounts with huge follower counts get reported for maybe insensitive content spreading and as a consequence, their accounts get restricted. Hence you won’t be able to reach out to that profile unless their accounts are unbanned.

5. You have Been Blocked: Everything said, checked, and done, you now know why that error message may show. Yet, one cannot completely sideline the possibility of you being blocked.

The 5th and certainly the most unpleasant reason of all behind the message is that you have been blocked by that user.


You must check carefully the reasons behind “user not found” on Instagram because once you are blocked you won’t even have the access to search them.

Though if you have ever DM’d the person before you were blocked, you can still visit their profile.

If the user has a private profile, you cannot search them anywhere (at least not with your blocked account).

If that user has a public profile, you would find absolutely nothing on their profile, no posts, nil followers and following, and no profile picture. Then you might get hinted that you have been blocked.