If you want your Instagram account to be more appealing to the audience, it is very important to make a growth in your Instagram following. For the same, you need to learn from your followers as it can significantly lead to success. Instagram offers analytics of its own which can help your followers become more engaged with your posts. However, you need to have a business account for accessing these features. But, that is not the only option you can go for. Instead, many third-party applications can be used for tracking the follower’s activity on Instagram. 

Track of your Followers on Instagram

Earlier, it allowed the users to check their following activity to know about those accounts and posts which were liked and followed by each one of your followers. There are other analytic tools which can be only used for Business accounts as it provides detailed information by offering an estimation of your impressions, reaches, and interactions. This can be helpful if you share much of paid content and check how it goes on. A business account also enables you to check the complete statistics for the age, location, and gender of the followers and the rest of the users that interact with your posts. 

If you are not willing to convert your convert to a Business Account, different apps can be downloaded that allows you to check on the different following trends and the information regarding the interaction that your followers do with the posts you share. These features generally are included in those apps that assist you in checking who is following you. All you need to do is download an app, permit them for accessing your account and allow them to do all other work.

How can you Track Followers for Instagram?

It might be the first time you are hearing about the Instagram follower tracker app. There are many reasons why one would use an Instagram Follower Tracker app but some of the important benefits of using such are app is that they let you Track of your Followers on Instagram. They also help you in knowing which accounts are not followed back by you, the number of users following you, and accounts that you follow back. An Instagram follower tracker app helps you in knowing a lot of details about your Instagram account. 

Instagram offers so much information that can be accessed through an analytic tool but they are not very reliable to use because they don’t offer much information about the users and followers who don’t follow you. That is why people prefer the Instagram follower tracker app. They not only provide you detailed information about what’s happening amongst your followers, but you can also find information at just one place which refers to the fact that you need not check out all of them and try your searched items one by one. 

What is an Instagram Follower Tracker?

Instagram follower tracker can be availed in different categories but all such apps focus on providing Instagram users with a simple way of keeping a track of their Instagram followers, know who unfollowed them, view the accounts followed by them, and a lot more details. The basic Instagram Insights on the app are overloaded with information regarding your followers. Yet, it is not very reliable because it lacks the potential to see detailed information about your followers and accounts that are followed by you. 

track followers for Instagram

How does an Instagram Follower Tracker function?

Just as implied by the name itself, follower tracker apps function by keeping an eye on your followers. Each application functions in a different manner, but the majority of them have similar features. These are mentioned below: 

  • Mutual followers- Accounts that follow you and you follow them too.
  • Related accounts- Helps in exploring new accounts which can be followed
  • Follower Analytics- Location, age, gender. Going through the demographic details is the best way to know your audience. 
  • Ghost accounts- Mostly inactive Accounts. They might be going through your posts but there is no interaction. 
  • Unfollowers- Accounts that follow you but you don’t follow them back.

The market of these apps has reached greater heights over the past few years and the main reason behind this popularity is because it is really difficult to use the Instagram application to check who has unfollowed you or who has followed you recently. Using an Instagram tracker app can be a great addition to your promotional efforts and can make your Instagram account more engaging. 

How safe it is to use an Instagram Follower Tracker?

You must be wondering whether it is safe or not to use an Instagram Follower Tracker. So, you must know that these apps are mostly third-party applications that are very different from Instagram analytics tools. The main difference is with the API accessibility. The API of Instagram is not easily accessible to anyone and everyone. It is provided only to authorized third-party apps for creating the products only if they are following all the rules. 

So, the most common way to track followers is by using an Instagram Follower Tracker app. It can be played little confusing for you if you are a beginner in this field but you should know about the safety issues. It is perfectly fine to use an Instagram Follower Tracker app but you need to make sure that the app you download is legal and genuine. There are many such apps available in the app market so it is recommended that you make a wise choice and do proper research before finally concluding any app.