About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram

Instagram is a platform that lets you flaunt your beauty and confidence. However, you have to be careful while taking your pictures to post on Instagram. You do not want to regret posting any of your selfies. So, it becomes necessary to know About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram. 


Why take good selfies?

The answer is simple; on social media, your picture is the only thing that says a lot about you. If you want to make friends, you should be open about your pictures. Nobody likes to follow an account having no pictures. So, uploading selfies makes your profile more genuine. To get more followers for your account click here.

About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram
Tips About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram 16

Now, you don’t have to think much about how to take good selfies for Instagram. We are going to give you some tips to enhance your selfie experience.

Lighting Has an Important Role

It is not a new thing to you. While taking About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram, you automatically think about the effect of lighting. Always make sure that you are getting enough light for the picture. It adds extra glamour. You should also be aware of when to use natural lighting or artificial lighting.

Sometimes it is right to use direct sunlight for the pictures. However, if you feel the light is too much, wait for it to get a little comforting and resume your photoshoot.

If you don’t like to go out, worry not; we have a solution for that too. You can go to the window where you can get enough sunlight and start taking selfies.  

Careful About the Shadow

You must have experienced the negative effect of shadow in your selfies. It can spoil the whole image. This is why you need to be attentive to the unwanted shadow.

Don’t try to take pictures when the sun is above your head as you can end up having a shadow in the picture. The idle time to click selfies in the sun is either sunrise or sunset.  

Pretty Smile Can Do Wonders

When you see anyone smiling, you can’t resist smiling too. The power a small smile holds is beyond your imagination. But the smile has to be real. You might not be able to show your magic if the smile is not real. A fake smile can easily be spotted.

Always try to smile in your selfies. Can’t capture the smile? Don’t worry! Go in front of the mirror and practice smiling in the right way. Believe me, it will improve a lot about your smile.

A Lot of Selfies

You can never get the perfect picture in just one click. Some people have admitted to taking hundreds of selfies before they got the right one. We are not asking you to do the same but don’t redistrict your chances of getting the right selfie.  

About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram
Tips About How to Take Good Selfies for Instagram 17

Take help from your friends or family. They can advise you about the different angles you can take selfies from. In short, don’t stop taking selfies until you get the perfect one.

Pay Attention to the Editing

Several apps are available to edit your selfies. Select the right app wisely and then edit your pictures. Furthermore, do not over-edit your picture. Once you find the editing app, do the basic editing and use classic filters. Don’t overdo it, as it might give your picture an unnatural look.

While using the filters, go through each and every option available. Don’t just select any filter; try to adjust its limit. Brighten your face; beautify your eyes and many more things can be done from the different filters and editing.

Choose the Background Wisely

Before taking the selfies, make sure that you have the right background. Background can improve your selfie to the great extent. Don’t go for too casual. Experiment with different locations.

Choosing a beautiful background can be difficult but not impossible. Ask your friends for the right locations and take selfies over there.

We are confident that you have got your answer on how to take good selfies for Instagram. Hope this article helped you in getting the information you were looking for.