It hasn’t been long since Instagram rolled out its features related to pinning comments on your posts. Pinned comments help give the first-time visitors of the specific post a gist of the ongoing interactions. At the same time, users can use such a feature as a resort to deal with spammers and bullies. There’s so much more than one can achieve by pinning comments. But before all that, let’s go through how to pin a comment on Instagram.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

But how do you pin comments? Follow these steps:

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Using iOS

Here's how you pin IG comments

Step 1. Go to your profile and tap on a recent post. You can scroll down through the comment section and select a comment you want to pin. 

Step 2. After you choose the comment to pin, press hold and slowly slide to the right. Make sure you do not completely slide to the right, or else you will delete the comment. 

Step 3. As you slide to the right, you will see three menu items. Click on the pin icon. A pop-up notification will appear that says, “Pin your favorite comments.” You can pin up to three comments as top comments. This means that the comments will appear at the top of your post. 

Step 4. Select “Pin comment,” and the comment will move straight to the top of the comment section. Also, the user who commented will receive a notification informing them that you pinned their comment.

And before you try, you cannot pin your comment or the replies to a comment. 

How to pin a Comment on Instagram Using Android 

Step 1. Go to your profile and tap on a recent post. Scroll down through the comment section and select a comment you want to pin. 

Step 2. After you have selected the comment, you wish to pin, tap and hold the comment for a few seconds. Unlike iOS, Android users do not have swipe right. 

Steps to pin Insta comments

Step 3. You will see the menu items on the top of the screen. Similar to iOS, click on the pin icon. And a pop-up notification will appear that says “Pin your favorite comments.” 

Step 4. Tap on “Pin Comment.” 

Unlike before, you’ll be able to see the pin comments. Also, the order in which you pinned the comments is the order that these comments will stay in. Also, for those who wish to increase the number of followers for their accounts, visit us to know the methods.

The Importance of Pinning Comments

Instagram has a pin comment feature similar to the one on YouTube. The feature automatically gives you more space in order to make your message heard. As you already know, Instagram has a 2000-character space limit on your Instagram caption. But if you are trying to promote a product, it’s not possible to add all the details within the character limit. So, if you need to add more information to your post or if you don’t want it to look too cluttered, you can now do that with pin comments. 

By pinning comments, users can continue adding more information by engaging with their followers. It’s a great way for you to tell a story throughout your Instagram. And it really gives the people more chance to interact with you. The feature is especially very useful for influencers, celebrities, and business brands. 

It can also work as a marketing tool as the feature draws attention to what users want to highlight. So, users running a business on Instagram can utilize this feature. If someone asks a really good question or frequently asks questions, you can pin the comment. You can also pin comments that other people can relate to. 

The feature will also be of great help if you communicate with your audience in different languages. So, if you know English and Spanish, you can pin comment FAQs in another language. This will help give answers to more people who have inquiries about the question. It’s a great tool to help you expand your reach and appeal to a larger audience.