Instagram is a prominent social media application that allows its users to portray themselves in a way they wish to. If you want recognition on the app, you must be aware of the top 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram because more likes lead to more fame! 


10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram

The Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Real Likes On Instagram

Likes are an important feature of Instagram. It is used to appreciate the work and content of other users. Getting likes on Instagram is extremely beneficial for various purposes. If you want to increase your likes on Instagram, here are the top 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram. 

  1. Purchase Instagram followers:- A good number of likes is always good. However, it might take some time and a lot of effort to get the desired amount of likes. To reduce this time and effort, there is an easy solution. Increase the number of your followers. More Instagram followers will provide you with more likes.
  2. Post content that you love the most:- Doing what you love is the best feeling in the universe. Why not post about it? When you post something that you love the most, chances are that the users coming across that content might love it as well. 
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It can be anything simple and minimalistic like a video of a walk with your dog, a video of you playing with children, a video of rain or anything that gives you the utmost peace and happiness. Seeing little things you post about your life have the potential to lift others moods as well. If others feel the joy you are feeling in your content; they will surely leave a like to appreciate it. 

  1. Engage with people in the comments:- When other users appreciate your content by leaving a like and comment, make sure to engage with them in the comments. Reply to the users’ comments. When you engage with other users in the comments, it will show how much you appreciate them back. This will motivate them to like your content more and engage with you more in the future. 
  2. Post content pertaining to the latest trends:- Posting content about the latest trends and affairs will get you more likes. Use the trending hashtags for your pictures and videos. When people search content for those hashtags, your content will be visible to them even if they don’t follow you. This will surely get your pictures and videos more likes. 
  3. Collaborate with famous influencers:- Collaborating with famous influencers is a huge thing. If you get an opportunity to collaborate and make Instagram reels with a famous influencer or celebrity, grab it right away. Posting a video or photograph with a celebrity or influencer will 100% give you more likes due to their huge fan base. 
  4. Get the attention of your target audience:- If you run a brand or business on Instagram, make sure to identify and serve your target audience. Know the needs and requirements of your audience and post accordingly. By doing so, you will be able to attract the attention of your target audience which will provide you with more likes. 
  5. Don’t post repetitive content:- Users on Instagram always need a vast variety of content. For this purpose, post content that is non-repetitive and unique. When you serve content in a good variety, you will surely get a good amount of likes in return. 
  6. Use attractive and creative captions:- A caption is very important for the pictures and videos you post. For this purpose, post pictures and videos with an attractive and creative caption. This will help you gain more likes due to your creativity and uniqueness. 
  7. Post at the peak time:- Time is very important to get likes. You must post your content at those times when people are the most active and engaging. When you post at the peak time, chances are that you will get a good number of likes. 
  8.  Post attractive content:- To increase your likes on Instagram, you can post attractive pictures and videos to gain the attention of other users. You can enhance your content with filters, effects, different angles, sound effects, etc. 
10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram

Hence, these are the top 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram. 

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Time to wrap up

Instagram is a great creation to gain recognition and popularity by the feature of likes. If you struggle to get a good amount of likes on Instagram, the above-mentioned ways will surely help you in reducing the struggle and will provide you with more likes if you follow them constructively.