In the year 2016, Instagram came up with its feature of posting stories on the platform. No wonder it feels like the feature has been there for such a long time. Stories are a great way to interact with your Instagram audience. If somebody reposts or shares your posts, that would just mean that you managed to reach out. Thus, without further ado, let’s get into the best methods on how to see who shared your Instagram post. 


How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post
The Best Methods On How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post 18

How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post

Sharing each other’s posts on Instagram is normal on the platform. As a brand, it’s what you wish others to do. That’s how your brand grows and brings in more business opportunities. Reshares and reposts only bring in more audience at the end of the day. And to review who and what kind of audience is sharing your posts is equally vital. 

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Here are the steps on how to see who shared your Instagram post.

Step 1: Unlock your phone and run the Instagram app.

Step 2: Head to the Profile section by tapping on the icon with your display picture. 

Step 3: When you’re in your Profile, choose the post that you wish to review.

Step 4: Tap on “View Insights.” 

Remember that only business and creator accounts can access the “View Insights” feature. Other normal accounts cannot access the feature. 

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You’ll be able to find the number of times other users reshared your post under the icon with an arrow. 

Step 5: After that, head to the top right corner of the post. Tap on “…” 

Step 6: A list of options will pop up. Tap on the “View Story Reshares.”

Steps to see who shared your posts on Instagram
The Best Methods On How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post 19

As long as your post gets even a single reshare, you’ll be able to access the option.

Step 7: After you tap on that, Instagram will redirect you to the “Current Public Reshares” page. The page has all the information specifically related to the reshares on stories. 

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Step 8: In order to find out who exactly shared your post on their stories, check out the grid. Tap on any of the stories, and you’ll be able to access the story. 

Step 9: When the story of the user pops up, it’ll also show their Instagram handle name. Now, you can access their account. 

Why Undertake Such A Long Process?

The answer is simple; interaction and engagement. As a brand, in order to succeed in this cut-throat media-centric platform, you need to do grow. You may ask here, how do you grow? What we mean by “grow” is growing in terms of followers. Also, if you wish to have more followers on Instagram, you can do so by visiting us.

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Another way to “grow” is by increasing interaction and drive more engagements through your posts. Thus, by reviewing the users who share your posts on a regular basis, you can pinpoint the type of content. When you do so, you’re able to guarantee a minimum of reshares every time you upload a post or story. Among the most common findings is that users appreciate high-quality posts. Besides, if these posts are of you, then even better.

After knowing what type of audience you cater to, you can choose who to collaborate with. Collaborations are great to further promote your brand and business. Besides, when you do that, even other brands will reach out to you. Thus, in this way, it’s a twofold benefit for your brand. 

Also, you may even try new ideas like “episodic stories.” Basically, they are like a segmented TV show. These types of content ideas keep your audience in suspense and leave them wanting more.

Closing Thoughts 

Instagram is an efficient tool when it comes to all things media-related. How you’re able to tap into the features will decide the fate of your brand. And being able to see who shared your posts on Instagram is among the top. It gives you real-time stats on how your brand is doing. The feature reveals where your brand stands, how famous it is, among many other things. 


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