Your Instagram feed is no longer the sole method to connect with your followers and distinguish yourself from the crowd. The feature has expanded since Instagram added it in August 2016.

It implies that at least half of Instagram's overall user population creates or views Instagram stories on a daily basis. Therefore, without wasting more time, these are the methods on how to make cute Instagram stories.

how to make cute instagram stories
The Most Useful Method On How To Make Cute Instagram Stories 4

How To Make Cute Instagram Stories

Instagram gives you the opportunity to communicate with your followers in two different ways. And of course, you would not want to squander it with boring Stories and graphics.

Thus, we put together Instagram Stories ideas to help you engage with your audience better in your stories. These designs will have you create cute Instagram stories that your followers will want to see again and again. Besides, if you wish to increase likes on Instagram, pay us a visit.

Photo Booth Effects

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and open the story camera. And tap on the downwards arrow on the left-hand side, and click.

That will display a list of features, and among them, you will see an option that says "Photo Booth."

Step 2: Tap the Photo Booth effect and then press the record button.

A little compound timer will begin, and you can start taking cute photos for your story. The feature takes four shots in total, so change your pose. You can even change the view of what you're taking a picture of.

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Step 3: After you take the photos, you will see right another photo booth icon at the top. Click on it, and it will display little icons on the bottom.

Each icon is a different effect that you can apply to your photo booth stories. There are quite a couple of different effects to choose from, and it's a fun way to create a story.

Animated Emojis

You may have seen some of the new text effects on Instagram stories. But there is so much more you can use it for than just texts.

Step 1: To start off, choose a picture from your gallery or share a post from your profile to upload to your story.

Step 2: Once you've chosen a photo, go ahead and make your background solid or leave it as a gradient.

Step 3: You can then tap on the text icon and choose an emoji. You can choose one type of emoji or several depending on the design you want. Now copy and paste the emoji a couple of times until you have a whole bunch.

Step 4: Click on this text animation button, and the emojis will start moving. You can then bring your post forward by clicking and holding it down. And your story will have a fun and cute animated emoji background.

Step 5: You can use animated emojis for so many different scenarios to grab your follower's attention.

making cute stories on instagram

Creative Gifs

Gifs are by far the quickest and easiest way to spice up your stories. All you need to know is what to search for.

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For example: If you love to post stories about your coffee, head on over to the gift section and type in "CAFEZIM." You will see a bunch of coffee top images or PNG gifs. You can select these and then add them to your picture.

Another creative gif you can search for is "FRANSOLO." It's a bunch of little character faces, arms, and legs. You can add it to just about anything to give life to your story. It's a fun and cute way to make stories.

PNG Elements

Sometimes it's nice to add elements that don't bounce or jiggle around as much as gifts do. And that is when PNG images come into play.

Step 1: To use them, grab a picture that you want to post on your story. You can then click on the stickers icon and then tap on the gallery icon.

Step 2: Select your PNG image and place it anywhere you want on your picture.

Since these are PNG images, you can layer them to your heart's content and build up a cool design. The designs are cute and versatile, and the options are endless.