When it comes to getting sponsored, there is one huge thing to note. You don’t require millions of followers or subscribers to get paid. Micro-influencers are becoming more valuable to brands as they have a more engaged and authentic following. So don’t worry about the current size of your account or reach certain milestones to secure partnerships. Thus, without further ado, let’s get into our article on how to get sponsors on Instagram.

How To Get Sponsors On Instagram
The Most Useful Guide On How To Get Sponsors On Instagram 4

How to get sponsors on Instagram

Influencers are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Now, anyone can start up a new account, post some quality content and start getting paid, including you. If you’re into learning how to start securing paid sponsorships, all you need to do is the following. Besides, to increase your account’s follower count, you can visit out website.

Stick To A Specific Niche.

Whether you’re trying to be an influencer or grow a million-dollar brand, you need to have a specific theme. So you must have a niche and stick to it. This makes you more desirable to brands because you have a clear topic that you talk about. At the same time, your audience will know you for that.

If you do not stick to any niche and you’re constantly changing the subject of your posts, it’ll be hard to get your audience to take action on all your sponsored content. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t stray away from that topic over time. You absolutely can, but in the beginning, keep it specific.

Create Conversion-Focused Content.

If you’re dreaming of becoming an influencer, start playing the role now to do this regularly. Talk about products, services, or companies you love and use regularly. Also, hype up your audience to check them out and tell you what they think. That will prime them to respond well to any future sponsorships you may have. Plus, it makes your account more appealing to brands.

You must always aim to get your audience to take some type of action. It could be asking your audience to check out the brand. You can also ask them to click the link in your bio or use your affiliate link. That is the conversion-focused content that will set you up for success in the future.

Market Yourself.

Attract sponsors on Instagram
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If you want people to contact you for sponsorship gigs, ensure they have a way of doing that. You want to add your contact info to your bio. So brands know you’re currently accepting work, and it’ll make you look professional. 

Know Your Numbers.

When a brand reaches out to you, they’re going to ask about your demographics, engagement rates, and more. So be ready by having all of these numbers already outlined in a media kit. It’s a simple one or two-page PDF or in a note that you regularly update. That’s going to help you quickly send it over to them.

Some things you’ll want to include are your social following on all relevant channels and average engagement rate. You should also include the demographics of your audience. And that includes their average age and top three locations. You’ll be able to review all this data from your Instagram insights or Google analytics. Also, the amount of page views your website gets and so on. That is, whatever relevant data you can pull out that you think makes you look good. So add all of that to your media kit.

Set your rates.

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The hardest part of getting sponsorship is questions related to how much you should charge. These are valid questions and are often hard to answer. One brand is willing to pay for a video mention. At the same time, an Instagram post may be different from the next. So it’s smart to set some benchmarks for yourself, but be willing to negotiate if need be.

All sponsorships include a level of negotiation. Thus, choose your extreme ends of the amounts you’re willing to settle for and go from there. The more sponsorships you get, the better and more confident at setting your rates you will become.

You need to reach out to brands of interest actively. If you wait for brands to come to you, you could be waiting a long time. Thus, avoid doing so and take matters into your own hands and do the outreach on your own.