When it comes to social media platforms such as Instagram, girls exist at the receiving end of tons of attention.

Albeit, the forms of attention vary across an entire spectrum from cute to creepy and disgusting. That makes it immensely hard for someone who's real and wishes to approach a girl.

The matter at hand is how to push across all those messages and get back a response. Thus, in this blog post, we provide tricks on how to DM a girl on Instagram.

how to dm a girl on instagram

How To DM A Girl On Instagram With Success

Always remember that it's just a conversation. Although it's over a social networking platform, it's still a one-on-one exchange. If you're someone who isn't comfortable with such things, it might be really challenging.

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One trick is to not come across like those guys who seem to go for just about any girl. So, below are a few tricks on how to DM a girl on Instagram.

Also, by DMs, we mean Direct Messages. Besides, for buying more Instagram comments, visit our website.

direct message a girl on instagram
The Most Effective Method On How To DM A Girl On Instagram 4

Remain Confident But Stay Humble

Confidence in a guy is a trait that every girl appreciates. That means if you start the conversation by being timid and unsure, be ready for rejection. Before approaching any girl, be it on or off Instagram, know yourself first.

Knowing what your strong and weak points are and tapping on them can push your confidence further. Besides, girls like guys who are sure about who they are and what they want.

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At the same time, you must ensure that your confidence doesn't come across as arrogance. There exists a very thin membrane between confidence and arrogance. And it's very easy to pass through this membrane. Thus, be careful how you put your thoughts across.

Stay humble and sincere. In that way, even the girl will think it's not a random DM and will put some thoughts before replying.

Actively Reply To Her Stories

It's no secret that stories are the best way to drive interactions and engagements. And that holds true even when you wish to approach a girl on Instagram. Being constant in replying to her stories and maintaining a conversation will surely get you some brownie points.

Thus, replying to stories is a good place to start before commenting on posts. In that way, you always make a first good impression on the girl you wish to DM.

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Mutual Friends

Having mutual friends on Instagram with the girl you wish to DM will place you in a better spot. That is because if you have mutual friends, it develops a sense of familiarity and secondhand trust.

Furthermore, it also creates topics to talk about and converse on. There are higher chances that the girl will reply back if you guys have mutual friends.

Look Out For Grammatical Errors

It's true that messaging a girl isn't an English test, but trust us, it matters. You must ensure that you make correct use of English while sending the DMs. Here, we specifically mean the correct use of grammar.

In plain terms, Direct Messages with the wrong usage of grammar are a turnoff. You can bet that the girl you wish to DM will evade at the first instance of wrong grammar.

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Patience Is A Must

We stress the fact that it might take some time. Don't expect results in just a single day. Even if you get lucky and get a reply on the first try, hold your horses. Do not spam the girl and fill her inbox with your DMs. You must remember that patience is the name of the game. 

If you really wish to hit it off with the girl you like, take your time and move gradually. That is because if you spam her with messages, it may have negative results. She might even stop replying to your DMs.

Patience is a sign of maturity and sincerity. And if the girl is able to feel that, it's going to work wonders for you.