Instagram story is the app's closest competition to Snapchat. And the feature has truly taken off in popularity. The feature allows anyone to upload moments and snapshots from their day.

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You can do so with customizable privacy controls and special filters perfect for sharing. Thus, let's quickly get into our blog post on how to share someone else's Instagram story.

how to share someone else's instagram story
The Most Effective How To Share Someone Else's Instagram Story 5

How To Share Someone Else's Instagram Story 

Instagram stands out from the competitors by letting you add another person's story to your own. Among the things people love most about Instagram is the ability to re-share other people's content and posts.

You can share a post to your stories. That holds true for any post on Instagram, including yours or someone else's. Plus, if you are looking for ways to gain more fans on Instagram, visit us.

So if you're ready to share a story, here is how it's done:

Share Story from Public Account

If you want to share someone's story on Instagram, you'll need to ensure that the original poster meets a few requirements. 

  • Firstly, they need to hold a public account, and most importantly, they need to tag you in their story. Instagram sends a text when someone tags you in their story. Thus, if you're tagged in the story, you receive a notification in your inbox. It will mention that the person has tagged you in their story. 
  • You can share their story with yours by tapping on the blue text above the image. You won't be able to edit the original story. But you can add your own texts and edits. Also, the platform will tag the original poster in your shared story as well. You can also tag anyone else down the road.

Share Story from Private Account

Your friend might have a private account, or you can't share your friend's story despite having their permission. But even then, there is a roundabout way to do it. 

  • Open your Instagram app and find the story you want to share. Take a screenshot or use a screen recorder to capture a video. If you're using a screen recorder, iOS has one built-in accessible from the control center.
sharing someone else's story on instagram

Whereas Android 11 users will find a screen recorder built into their quick settings menu. But if you're on an older version of Android, you'll need to download a screen recorder from the play store.

  • Once you've recorded or captured what you want to share, just create a new story. After that, upload it from your camera roll.
  • Don't forget to give credits to your friend or the original poster by tagging them.

How To Share Someone Else's Instagram Videos?

You undoubtedly check your Instagram account on a regular basis. That is because it is one of the most used social media platforms nowadays. And you probably do it more compared to other online social apps on the internet.

Instagram has a vibrant and engaged audience. And it might make you want to repost content from other Instagram pages occasionally.

 So, let's take a look at how to repost videos on your Instagram feed:

  • To repost videos to your Instagram feed, you have a few options on how to go about doing it. However, you'll need an outside app to properly pre-post content to your feed. There are dozens of apps on both iOS and Android platforms that allow you to do just that.
  • On iOS, apps like repost for Instagram have thousands of five-star ratings. It allows you to share photos and videos on Instagram with captions, colors, and more.
  • Though it shares the same name, repost on Android comes from a different app developer. But it features a clean interface and easy-to-use instructions for reposting to your account.
  • Both apps are great options for reposting photos and videos. And almost any repost app follows the exact same instructions to repost videos.
  • To use these apps, all you'll need is to copy the link to the post from the share button on both iOS and Android. And that allows you to copy and paste the content right within the repost app. It makes it easy to customize and add your own personal touch before sharing it.