Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social networking platforms in the world. People from all over the world use it, and it allows anyone to upload and share whatever they want. Plus, it's an amazing way to keep up with friends and family. But sometimes, we come across a need to retrieve info on some videos, images, or messages. That's why, in this article, we're going to offer some ways on how to recover deleted message from Instagram.

How To Recover Deleted Message From Instagram
The Most Effective How To Recover Deleted Message From Instagram 5

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How to Recover Deleted Message from Instagram?

You might try to recover your direct messages (DM) through your Instagram messaging or the DM platform. But you won't find it there if you've deleted them. You'll have to work around in order to get a copy of those. Follow these steps to recover your messages:

Step 1. Run the app on your phone or whichever platform you're comfortable with.

Step 2. You cannot recover your messages without logging in. So, if you're currently logged out of your Instagram account, you can log in using your username, ID, and password.

Step 3. Head across to your Instagram profile by tapping on the three lines at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4. Go to your "Settings" menu and tap on "Security." You'll see a list of options under "Security." Among them, the options under "Data and History" store data linked with the apps and websites that you visit. The menu includes data from your search history as well.

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Get back your direct messages on Instagram
The Most Effective How To Recover Deleted Message From Instagram 6

Step 5. Tap on "Download Data," and it will display a page to "Request Download." The "Download Data" option emails you a link with a copy of everything you've shared on Instagram. That includes all the photos you uploaded, all your comments, all your profile information, and more.

Steps to recover Insta DMs
The Most Effective How To Recover Deleted Message From Instagram 7

Step 6. It also gives you a copy of all of the DMs that you've ever sent and received. So make sure it has the right email address and tap on "Request Download" at the bottom.

Step 7. It'll then ask for your Instagram password to verify your identity. Once you've entered that correct password, tap on "Next." And that'll confirm your download request.

Step 8. Instagram will notify you that it started creating a file of your data, and it'll send a link to your email address. You might have to wait up to 48 hours, so ensure that you keep checking your email. It's not an instantaneous thing, but after 24-48 hours, you'll get an email with a zip file.

Step 9. You can open the link, and you'll receive a zip file. Download it to your computer as it'll easier to search for your messages. The zip file will contain different folders. The folders will have a list of all your data sorted out into files such as photos, direct messages, etc.

Step 10. You'll have to navigate through the folders and click the direct message folder. It will have a history of all the messages you have sent to and from your Instagram.

The Need for Recovery

Over the years, the app has grown and evolved, adding new features. Instagram now has added direct messaging, Instagram stories, IGTV, and reels with each update. You can make video calls, host live streams, be a part of groups, and do various other things here.

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Due to its rapid growth, Instagram has risen through the ranks of the preferred social channel for many users. It's particularly popular among influencers, celebrities, and business brands. And now, millions of people use Instagram to connect with their followers. It could also lead to your direct messages becoming clogged with unwanted private messages. But while handling unwanted messages, you might end up deleting some important chats. Thankfully, Instagram keeps track of your data inside your Instagram app. For every post, every story you shared, and every message you've sent, there's a digital copy of it on your profile account. So, if you accidentally delete a chat or a thread of messages, there's a way that you can get that back.