Social media profiles are like business cards, and they are ideal for creating a great first impression. Also, since people are more likely to find your business on social media nowadays, you can showcase your brand. It gives you the window to show what you sell and get clients this way. Plus, these accounts have special features that let your clients discover and contact you much more easily. Thus, without further ado, here are the methods on how to make Instagram business account.

How To Make Instagram Business Account
The Easiest Rundown On How To Make Instagram Business Account 4

Instagram Business Account

There are still millions of small and local brands that don't leverage social media like Instagram. The purpose of such leveraging is to grow their brands and businesses. Also, having an Instagram business account is the beginning of that. Besides, if you wish there were more comments on your Instagram posts, head to our website.

How To Make Instagram Business Account

Step 1: Install the Instagram app on your phone and open it. 

It will prompt you to create an account. If you already have an account, you need to tap on your profile in the bottom right corner. You will then tap on "Add account."

Step 2: Enter a username.

This step is an extremely important one. You want to make sure your username is as close to your business name as possible. If your username isn't available, create a variation that's similar to your business name. If the username you entered is available, a green tick will appear, and you can tap on "Next."

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Step 3: If you already have an account, Instagram will ask you how you want to log in. Create a new login and enter your phone number or email address. Enter the code, set up your password, and you have a personal account! 

But we're not stopping here. You now need to switch to a business account. Also, it's a must to set it up properly to maximize your profile's potential. 

Step 4: After the initial step of setting up your new account, connect your Facebook account. 

But say you don't already have a Facebook business page. You can set it up before you create an Instagram account. After that, you can connect the two accounts. Also, that will allow you to connect your Facebook with Instagram. You can also invite your friends to follow your new Instagram business page.

Step 5: So now you have fully set up the new account. Tap on the three lines stacked together on the top right corner. Choose "Settings" at the bottom. 

Step 6: Head to the "Account Settings," scroll down and tap on "Switch to Professional Account." 

You have the chance to choose either a business or a creator account. If you want to have access to insights, choose the Creator account. That way, you will not look like a business account.

Step 7: Choose the business account. 

Also, Instagram shows you the various benefits of having this account. You can get post insights meant for analytics and create promotions to reach potential clients. It also provides more options in terms of contact details.

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Step 8: Once that is over, you will have to select a category for your business.

Thus, for that purpose, jot in some keywords and see if you can match any. If you can't find it, try synonyms or similar words describing what you sell. Also, that will help you find a good category. 

Step 9: Add your contact details, your phone, and your address, if you have one. 

If you're an online business, you might not want to draw the audience's attention to the address. Thus, you can very well choose to skip it.

Steps to make Instagram business account
The Easiest Rundown On How To Make Instagram Business Account 5

Step 10: If you haven't already connected your Facebook page, you can connect it now.

Log in to your account on your phone. Instagram will pull the pages connected with your Facebook account for you, and you can choose the correct one. 

Step 11: For the last step, add your business name, website, type out your bio and photo to set your profile. 

You can also set up your contact options. It's a feature that allows you to add special buttons to your profile. These buttons showcase your contact details. Plus, it prompts potential clients to get in touch with you.