Social media is a huge avenue to increase awareness about your brand. Also, it can also be a sales tool for your business. And now, thousands of brands use Instagram to promote their business. So, it’s only natural for a business Instagram account to look like a business front. That’s why we bring you a blog post on how to make Instagram Highlight covers.

How To Make Instagram Highlight Covers
The Best Guide On How To Make Instagram Highlight Covers 3

There is a lot on your Instagram account that you can choose to upgrade. You may customize your profile, picture, bio, links, and Instagram story highlights. 

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights are the little bubbles that you see underneath people’s bio but before their feed. These features are very useful if you use them correctly. But before we dive more into Instagram highlights, you have to first understand what an Instagram story is. 

Instagram Story

If you already don’t know, these are short vertical video clips that are up to 15 seconds in duration. You can share these on a whim throughout your day. Also, users can have upload curated posts for their Instagram stories. They can even post them on the fly.

Besides, you can also share other people’s posts. But stories only last for 24 hours unless you put them in Highlights. 

Instagram Story Highlights are a way to extend the life of content that you want to keep active. You can highlight the things that you wish to keep at the top. These are particularly useful when somebody is visiting your profile for the first time. 

How To Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Step 1: When you upload a story, you’ll see a little icon at the bottom that says “Highlight.” You can then either add it to an existing highlight or make a new one. 

Step 2: You can also go to your profile page. 

There you will see a little + sign underneath the bio before your feed. Tap on it, and you can add an Instagram story highlight. After that, you can choose from your archive or your story. 

Instagram highlights are a great place to showcase more of your branding. And this is because you can change the cover of the highlight. You can customize and choose what you want to put as a cover. 

Step 3: You can upload a highlight cover without posting it in your story. 

A quick and easy way is to go on to Pinterest and look up Instagram highlight covers. Through that, you will be able to download plenty of pre-made options. It can be a design that you made that goes with your brand and gives your page a clean look. 

Step 4: When picking your highlight covers, pick colors that match your Instagram aesthetic or your brand. Also, if you don’t already have those colors, you can use third-party apps to generate a color palate. 

Step 5: Now that you have your colors picked out, go to to create your Instagram story cover. You can create an account and then type in “Instagram story” to get Instagram story highlight cover templates. Customize the template according to your profile color scheme and brand image. 

Step 6: The last step is to upload the cover. Go to your profile and tap on your “Highlights.” After that, tap on “Edit Highlights,” and you can edit the cover. Select the photo you want to upload and readjust the size.

Steps to make Instagram highlight covers
The Best Guide On How To Make Instagram Highlight Covers 4

The Pressing Need For Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram wants its users to employ all of the features that they have available. When you post something new on your IG feed, the older posts get pushed down the line. Thus, the Highlights are a way to keep important stories at the top. And when somebody comes to your page, your highlights will give them a quick rundown of what you’re all about. It’ll be what you want people to look at when they first come and learn about you. 

Also, you can even give them some content to show your brand and highlight that too. Besides that, if you think you posts deserve more likes, you can visit our website.