Instagram comments are feedback from your followers, and they are very powerful. Comments can be constructive or destructive, but you do not want to have the latter. Having bad and hateful comments on your posts can make others not want to be associated with you and not follow or, even worse, unfollow you. It can also take a toll on you as a content creator.


An easy way out of this dilemma is one that may not be very ethical but is helpful and, at times, necessary. Buying comments is a trick used by a majority of new and desperate Instagrammers mainly because it works. You pay someone with a big enough following to post positive comments on your posts, and voila! You’ve got a fan following. Anybody that knows about this trick, does it and for good reasons that we’ll get to in a minute.

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In this article, we help you understand how the benefits of buying Instagram comments weigh out the unethical aspect of it.

Comments Increase Comments

If someone saw your post and a nice comment came to their mind, they may still be reluctant to post it if they are the first person to do so. On the other hand, if there are numerous comments on your post already, that person is more likely to post their comment. This is the result of a study, and we all can vouch for this. The first few comments are the most crucial ones and if you can get them, the rest come naturally.

The Benefits of Buying Comments
The Benefits of Buying Comments on Instagram 19

A Source of Credibility

The reason why the above statement holds is credibility. People shy away from commenting on posts with no comments because they feel awkward in being associated with something that no one else is engaging with (i.e., commenting on). A few comments the moment the post goes up encourage others to express their own views. They think the post is credible enough for other people to comment on, so they might as well do it too.

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Getting Favor from Algorithm

Whether it is paid or genuine, a comment is a comment and it is very important when it comes to the Instagram algorithm. Instagram ranks post relevance based on the engagement it receives, and comments do a lot more than likes for this aspect. Posts with more comments are more likely to be considered for searches of hashtags.

Popularity on Instagram has got a great deal to do with comments. Posts with more comments are also more likely to show up on google searches. This greatly helps you increase your reach and followers.

Getting Favor from Algorithm

Increase Website Visits and Sales

Paid comments don’t necessarily need to be nice messages and emojis. If you’re an Instagrammer, it is likely that you are looking to start some sort of personal brand or already have one. The comments you buy may be reviews posted on brand posts with a link to the website. This will do a great deal for turning your audience toward your website and increasing sales.

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People who start off with selling merchandise specifically on Instagram use this tactic immensely. It has been proven to increase website visits and merch sales.

Deepen Your Connection with Your Fanbase

Likes and followers are essentially just numbers if the community isn’t posting many comments. This may not look like much of an issue, but it has complications in the long run. Instagram accounts that haven’t focused on deepening their connection with their fans and just cared about the numbers slowly passed away like a dying trend.

The best way to avoid this is to get as many comments as you can, which is why influencers and internet celebrities always ask to comment along with liking their content. This allows you to have support of your fans, which will be beneficial in the future.

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Fast Growth of New Accounts

Being a new user on any social media website is hard enough, and Instagram is no exception. Desperation hits hard when you’ve waited for a while to get something done in this era of shortcuts. You can ask friends and family to engage on your posts if you have a new account, but even they may hesitate in posting comments because of how public they are. The cherry on top is that it’s the comments that actually matter.

Buying comments is the easiest and fastest way to grow on Instagram. Some people have gone from no followers at all to a thousand followers in a day just by spending on comments.

Fast Growth of New Accounts
The Benefits of Buying Comments on Instagram 20

It’s a Positive, Not a Negative

It may be hard to believe, but buying comments is no longer frowned upon because of how common it has become. Instead, it is now taken as a symbol of dedication for how serious you are to grow on Instagram. Plus, it saves you time, which is most important, so you’re essentially doing yourself a favor.

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It can indeed still be associated with notoriety, but the number of people who do so is very small. Besides, all fame is good fame.

Buying comments is also not that bad a thing in itself. It cannot make you an internet celebrity overnight. It mainly gives you that initial push you need to get started, and that’s totally fine.


Buying comments is beneficial for new Instagrammers. It’s a win in popularity, relevance and authority. If you’re still not convinced, you can think of it this way: you can pay people to comment whatever they feel like about your post. This way, comments won’t be ingenuine and you’re paying just to be honest.

There are a lot of Instagrammers that have got their initial push from buying comments and if you’re someone that needs that push, go for it!

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