A few years back, Instagram was only a photo-sharing application just like Facebook. But, in no time, it turned out to be one of the most preferred media platforms. Now, Instagram has a vast user base, with more than 709 million users. Even since its launch in August 2016, people have started to explore the several prospects of Instagramming and now for everybody, Instagram is a blessing. This article contains all the information about Tactics to Follow for Earning Money on Instagram

Instagram perfectly depicts how people get attracted to visual-driven, simple content. With time, people’s interest in Instagram has started to increase. It’s never likely to reduce. With every updated version of Instagram, it’s coming with better features and options thus keeping the attention of its users arrested. In short, people love Instagramming. In some cases, people even prefer Instagram over Google when it comes to surfing specific pictures on the net. Instagram is extremely easy to access and hassle-free to explore.

The Opportunity for Making Money on Instagram

You might be surprised to know that you can earn money from Instagram! In this post, we have discussed how you can earn money by following any of the simple tactics. But to begin with, you must know the prerequisites of making money from Instagram.

Tactics to Follow for Earning Money on Instagram
Tactics to Follow for Earning Money on Instagram 3

Money from Instagram: The prerequisites

Simply developing an attractive Instagram handle and writing a good bio and posting pictures of your daily life might be enough to please your friends. But when it comes to earning money from Instagram you need to have something more to offer.

Reach out to more people

Your Instagram profile must get enough exposure. Recommend your services or products to people and make sure they promote or share them further. If you use the right hashtags and post at the right moment, your organic reach would be higher.

But you have a few hundred followers, to begin with, your reach wouldn’t be so much because your potentiometer audience size is low. As a result, your posts wouldn’t get enough exposure.

However, you must know that having enough reach is only the first step. It only creates awareness. If you are determined to generate sales and earn money, you have to use your persuasion skills as an influencer and drive people into using your products or services. In short, creating or maintaining a normal Instagram account and posting a few random pictures wouldn’t suffice.

Engaged Followers

Who doesn’t want to earn more followers! The more the engagement rate in your profile, the more are your chances of appearing in Instagram feeds.

But you wouldn’t want people to be cold towards your posts and updates. If your Instagram account isn’t getting enough comments, likes and shares it means that the engagement rate is extremely low. It means that your updates or techniques aren’t attracting the right kind of people. However, if you are just a beginner, know that gaining at least 1000 followers with proper profile engagement gives you the potential to earn money.

Tactics that one can adopt for earning money

Now that you know about the pre-requisites, let’s directly go through the different ways on how to make money on Instagram.

Tactic 1: sell your photos

If you are an Instagram blogger or photographer, high chances exist that you have innumerable photos in your stock. No matter what, the amount you would be earning depends on your photography skills. If you are just a beginner, don’t expect to get hundreds of dollars every month. Even if you aren’t a professional, you must use the right kind of tools in your Instagram profile to make sure it’s visually appealing.

Tactic 2: sponsored posts

To begin with, this is the most preferred method to earn money on Instagram. At the same time, it’s not possible if you don’t have enough followers in your Instagram profile. Just as there is a restriction, there’s a brighter side too! If you have over 7 million followers, you can get paid up to $150,000 for every sponsored post. Now, if you are adopting this method, you can do it in several ways:

The genuine way (audience-first approach)

In this method, you would post pictures focusing on what your business offers. The posts must reflect your personality and the nature of your business. Remember that people like to see influencers being real. As you keep sharing posts that are influential and slowly develop your profile organically, relevant brands would find their way to you.

Create a persona (business-minded approach)

Work towards meeting the needs of Instagram-sponsored brands. Observe the posting or marketing strategy of the brands that you wish to attract.

Make sure to timely post-high-quality content strategically, using important and relevant hashtags. Tenement to put hashtags that are related to the brand’s audience. This approach is entirely goal-oriented. So, if you are trying to attract specific brands, you have to adopt the right strategy.

Tactics to Follow for Earning Money on Instagram
Tactics to Follow for Earning Money on Instagram 4

Tactic 3: affiliate marketing via Instagram shootouts

Sometimes to earn more followers, engagement, and brands, independent business owners or influencers pay other influencers for the promotion of their affiliate product. For this, the other person would be giving you a shout-out. A shout-out is posting a screenshot of a profile in your story and asking your followers to go and follow that profile. Shout-outs are an extremely effective way of earning followers. It’s also a good way for promoting small businesses and their products.

Tactic 4: selling from an online store

Of course, if you are interested in earning money from Instagram, you have to invest quality time after it. If you are planning on getting the biggest returns for your time invested, there’s no better way than setting up an online store. By far this approach is the most time taking. But at the same time, it brings maximum returns as well. For that, you have to follow some basic steps.

  • Open your online store on any platform. It can be a cosmetic or jewellery or clothing store.
  • Now create an Instagram profile centred around your online business. Post the products that you are designing or making.
  • Feature products on your Instagram profile.

That’s all! If people love it and buy it, slowly plan to develop and expand it further.

Perhaps this is why people love Instagram. It has opened a plethora of opportunities for people, creating huge prospects that only have to be utilised.