Nowadays, it is easy to advertise online due to social media platforms integrating these features within the application. For example, you can easily configure advertisements on Instagram through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Since Instagram is a byproduct of Facebook, the two platforms are closely knitted. One of the most common features utilized between Instagram and Facebook users is the Facebook Ads Manager. It is simple and easy to use, but it also can customize advertisements to an even higher degree outside of the app.  

Read on to know more about how to advertise on Instagram.

how to advertise on Instagram.

How to use Facebook Ads Manager to advertise on Instagram:

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager from your Facebook account.
  2. Choose your goal for your advertising campaign.
  3. Set the marketing objectives. These are provided for you in clear titles such as Traffic goals and brand awareness goals which you can use for generating traffic and increasing awareness of your brand, respectively.
how can you advertise on Instagram.

Other such goals that you can choose from for your Instagram ads are:

  • Reach
  • Video views
  • Engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • App installs

4. Put together a target audience. You have to target your products and services towards a target audience that will generate the most traffic and engagement for you. By using Facebook’s demographic knowledge, you can reach the right crowd on your Instagram page.

learn how to advertise on Instagram.

To set your target audience, you can choose:

  • Demographics: Interests, behavior, custom or lookalike audience, and Instagram audience.
  • Location: By city, town, region, state, nation.
  • Languages
  • Age: (13 to 65+)
  • Gender

5. Choose where you want your advertisement to show up. If you only created your advertisement/promotion post for Instagram, go to “edit placements” and choose Instagram. Or else, the ad will run on both Facebook and Instagram. That’s it. Your ads are ready to run.

Different methods of advertising on Instagram:


advertising on instagram

Create a sense of urgency in your audience’s mind by using the countdown feature on Instagram stories. You can use this feature when you have a new announcement coming up or a new launch. It serves as a teaser for those who are eagerly waiting for your recent drop.

Instagram Stories:

advertise on Instagram.

Since you can make use of multimedia such as photos and videos, Instagram is an excellent platform for advertising. A prominent feature in Instagram is the Instagram stories feature. Many users tend to go straight to stories instead of for their feed. So you can use this opportunity to create story ads. You can use links and CTAs to lead the customer onto your desired product page.

Instagram story highlights:

ways to advertise on Instagram.

The highlights feature on Instagram stories is a great feature that helps you keep your stories on your page for longer. The best part is that you can categorize various highlights and organize them according to content. Any new visitor to your page can check out your highlights to know more about the brand or business. You can even add a review highlight where new customers can review your services.

The most famous highlight topics are- About Us, Location, portfolios, reviews, promotions, and IGTV.

New post announcement:

methods of advertising on Instagram.

Because of the high influx of posts every second, it is easy for your post to get lost in the sea of other uploads. To ensure that potential customers see your new posts, you can announce a new upload on your story, which more people will likely see.

Host interactive sessions:

Instagram advertisements

Through Instagram stories, you can conduct polls, surveys, contact directly with the audience and ask questions. These are valuable communication tools that will help in building your customer relationships.

Conduct giveaways:

how to advertise on Instagram.

Conducting a contest or a giveaway is a great way to collaborate with fellow business pages, generate more traffic, and earn more followers. You can ask the contestant to shout out your page to enter the competition, which will obviously bring in more people to your page.

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