You need a plan to advance in marketing, especially as a DJ. Here is a great social media marketing plan to help you get organized and off to a strong start! 

Ting performances at various bars and clubs, large crowds, and other great things. Even though you’ve followed social media advice to post frequently and produce more content, you’re still having trouble gaining traction.

However, what if you could alter that? What if you were able to become one of their DJs? What if you could learn how to use social media to book DJ gigs?

It’s likely that the advice you’ve been receiving, “Post every day + gain more followers = more bookings,” is at best imprecise and at worst inaccurate.

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Dj Social Media Content Idea

Social media may seem like a minefield to you, but as a DJ or musician, it should be a key component of your marketing plan. To help you maximize social media, here are ten suggestions for musical artists and DJs.


If you’re a DJ and a producer, you should surely use your music releases to build a more extensive fan base, increase interaction, and make a strong case for yourself as a DJ producer.


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It’s crucial to upload images with the proper proportions. It is quite beneficial to use a tool like because all the dimensions are templates, making it easy to add your imagery to posts that are ready for each platform.


Before posting your music online, you might want to consider planning your marketing strategy if you are launching a new album or EP. Maybe you could add a countdown to your social media feed or publish teasers on social media in the days before your release. These could include photographs from your release artwork, video teasers, or even pictures of you in the recording studio. These teasers will alert people to your impending release and probably boost interaction rates on your social media channels in the run-up.


A fantastic method to grow your audience is to work with other artists. After dating, you might collaborate on a tune or play a joint show. In either case, working together will help you reach more individuals. You tag someone on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and they order you back. This collaboration might quadruple your audience, and it’s a terrific opportunity to learn new skills or advice from someone who is also pursuing the same objective.

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Posting behind-the-scenes video is always simple, whether through a video, narrative, or images. People enjoy seeing that you’re engaged and producing fresh content.


Some DJs are highly savvy in branding and social media posting. Their artwork and video content have a nostalgic feel to them.

By “nostalgia,” we mean bringing back the feel of something we experienced as children, such as a classic movie, a distinct look, vintage board games, or a particular style of dancing.

People enjoy thinking back on memories, especially from when they were younger. If you can trigger those feelings in your social media posts, you’re on to a winner. It makes them feel cozy, enjoyable, and content.

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Make it personal; the people reading it wants to know who you are. Your social media accounts should provide information about your life outside of music. It will help people relate to you and give them more chances to interact with your audience.


Take advantage of every chance to tag people, places, and locations in your postings so that a larger audience may see them. For instance, if you’re going to a concert, post about it and tag it.


Utilize the polls on social media. If you’re releasing stuff, you might ask fans which mixes they prefer, which tracks they enjoy the best, and what designs they prefer before making a choice. This poll is a fantastic method to obtain feedback while making your fans feel special.

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Live video has become increasingly popular, and it is worthwhile to try. Remember that being in the moment doesn’t just apply to shows. For playbacks of fresh tracks or mixes, you might use live video if you don’t feel like performing in front of the camera. Live videos are a terrific method to promote interaction and engage with your audience. You could, for example, start a live chat about the artists you’re currently listening to, or you could share a live stream with someone else in the business and talk about production tricks.


Use hashtags to your advantage. If you use social media frequently, you probably already know there is a hashtag for every day of the week. Keep an eye out for popular hashtags that you can use.


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Social media fillers can keep your social media pages busy when you have no music or gigs to discuss. Quotes, music-related trivia, posts for this day, memes, and fan queries are a few examples of possible topics.


Be kind to other people in your industry. Post about a friend’s upcoming performance if you know about it. When your next show rolls around, there’s a good chance they’ll repay the favor.

The level of connection that exists now was almost inconceivable a generation ago. We all still need to figure out the laws and etiquette of the vast virtual world we must navigate.

But as we’ve mentioned above, there are a few fundamental rules for success when using social media to advertise your DJing: be sincere, be professional, be considerate, and if you can, try to act strategically as well. Try to be the fascinating, entertaining, and engaging person you’d like to follow online (this may be the most challenging part). Good luck to you all.

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Now you have successfully learned how to use social media marketing for DJ's. You can read our more article on How To Turn Off Story Replies On Instagram!

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