As we know, more and more people are turning to social media platforms for various reasons, such as entertainment, news, lifestyle, etc. Instagram is one such social media platform that is used by millions of users. If you are a regular Instagram user, you must be looking for ways to share a link on Instagram. Sharing a link on Instagram is a feature that not everyone can access on Instagram. You can only share a link on Instagram if your follower count is over 10,000 and your account is verified because you are a brand or entity. For more instructions on how to share a link on Instagram, read on: 

share a link on Instagram
How to share a link on Instagram? 4
  1. Launch the Instagram app on your device
  2. Swipe to the left to start a story
  3. Go to the top and tap the insert link option
  4. Tap on URL, enter the link and tap on done
  5. Share the story as you normally do
  6. Now you can find see more buttons towards the bottom of the story

Why does Instagram restrict all users from sharing a link? 

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The most common reason Instagram restricts users from leaving their platform is that links only work in stories, but many public links can also work in the profile's bio section. Links shared in comments are simple text, and links shared via DMs are not taken into account, even if they are used for the convenience of users. Ads are not taken into account because this is a paid alternative. By doing this, Instagram allows you to increase the level of engagement with the follower base in the app itself. Different forms of engagement include comments, likes, shares, etc. 

For business platforms, link embed work allows brands to share stories to set their sales or marketing strategies directly from the app. This makes Instagram a solid platform that can be used for profit. Retailers post different links on their digital platforms, event organizations can be used to share links to different login pages, and bloggers can also increase their blogs' traffic. 

This is a good move, considering how the popularity of the application has struggled over the past few years. You'd be surprised how much time you spend on Instagram just by looking at your feed over the course of an entire day. You can open your profile and click on the activity option to check this data. 

share a link on Instagram
How to share a link on Instagram? 5
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I'm sure you've come across several posts where the page owner can redirect you to their page bio by sharing the link caption in the bio. The only drawback you have here is that you can have many links working together. Other than that, you can also get into any user's DM, although it's not a very useful means of mass communication. You can find an option to comment that is not effective. You can't copy and paste and may lose the comment in that process. 

Here are the different ways in which you can share a link on Instagram:

The easiest way to share a link on Instagram is to add it to your Instagram bio. Instagram bio is a place where any user can share a functional link. It can also be shared on a private account. 

At the time when Instagram became famous among developers, linking services were widely used, but then they lost their fame. Now they are back with various design options and a richer experience. There are several formats for you to choose from. The basic various link appears like many other third party apps that offer you followers, and different operating options. 

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Clickable links can't be included in the captions of your regular Instagram posts, but that doesn't mean at all that captions can't be used in a post. You can still use them to grab your users' attention, share content excerpts, and increase your reach with neat hashtags. If you want to make the best use of links as captions on your Instagram account, you can help yourself with these two tricks: sharing a short link and writing precise instructions for using active links. 

Several brands want to add a lot of active links to their Instagram stories. Since stories have high visibility, they are an effective way to share a link on Instagram. You can take the help of giveaways, flash sales and promotions to add those links to your Instagram story. 

Instagram DMs are a bit undervalued by various entities and brands. You should keep a check on your Instagram DM to check for any comments, questions and message requests from people you may know. You can easily start a conversation by sharing your reaction on any user's post that you follow.  

So, these are some of the most effective ways to share a link on Instagram. You can use any of these ways to do the same from your Instagram account. Sharing a link is definitely a great idea to make your Instagram account more engaging. However, refer to everything mentioned above in this post to better understand how to share a link on Instagram.