Time is money. Especially for content creators and businesses, consistency is the key to build your online presence. There is no room to miss engagement opportunities. If you schedule all your posts for one week in a few hours, you save a lot of time editing the pictures and writing captions when you post

Scheduling posts can be very advantageous for creators on Instagram, including advanced analytics. This feature is available for both business and creator profiles. However, there are more restrictions for Creator profiles than for business profiles, such as what type of content to post or what third-party apps you can use.

If you want to know more about how to schedule post on Instagram, keep reading.

how to schedule post on Instagram

Steps to schedule posts on Instagram:

  1. The first step is to have a business/ creator account. It is preferable if you have a business account to enjoy all the benefits. If you have a personal account, you can easily switch it to a business account.
  2. To switch to a business account, go to the menu and click on “settings” in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on account and select “switch to business account.”
  4. The next step is connecting your now business Instagram account to your Facebook page. By joining your Facebook page to your business account, you can access advanced features such as creating promotions and scheduling posts.
  5. After setting up your business Instagram account, share this profile on social media management sites. Make use of any third-party apps to link your Instagram profile to a management site.
  6. For those who have a creator account, you can use Creator Studio, powered by Facebook, to schedule your posts. You can use Creator Studio or any third-party applications that you feel are more apt to your preferences for business accounts.

You can watch this video to learn more on how to schedule post on Instagram.

Use Creator Studio:

  1. To use Creator Studio for scheduling Instagram posts, you have first to connect your account to the Creator studio application
  2. After this, in Creator Studio, click on “create Post” and upload your photos or videos
  3. Add necessary captions, hashtags, and any other details you want to add to your posts. You can even use the advanced settings to turn off comments or add alternative texts.
  4. Tap the arrow next to the button that says “Publish” and click “schedule.”
  5. Check your analytics to know which is the best time to schedule your posts.

Schedule posts for Instagram on desktop:

  1. Click on the “Create a Post” button.
schedule post on Instagram

2. Select the “Instagram Feed” option

scheduling post on Instagram

3. On the popup menu, select the Instagram account you want to publish the post on

scheduling posts on Instagram

4. In an expanded window, you will create your post, add captions and edit your post. You can even add locations to your posts.

how can you schedule posts on instagram

5. Upload all the photos and videos you want to line up for your post schedule

6. Add relevant hashtags to get more traffic. 

how you can schedule posts on instagram

7. You can edit the orientation of the image or video, like the size and alignments, by using the crop option. If you upload videos, it should not be more than 60 seconds or less than 3 seconds.

scheduling all your instagram posts

8. After uploading all the files you want to schedule, you can go to the bottom right corner of the screen, where you will find the “publish” button.

Instagram post schedule

9. Beside this button, you will find an arrow mark. Click on it to schedule the date and time of posting your images or videos.

10. Once this is set, you can click on “schedule” to upload all your posts at the desired time and date.

schedule instagram posts easily

11. If you want to manage and monitor your scheduled posts, you can check them out in the Content Library as a scheduled post.

For other third-party apps:

  • Create all the content beforehand. It is best to plan out what you want your feed to look like before scheduling all your posts.
  • After gathering all your visuals, research your analytics to find the best time to post on your page. This will ensure that you generate the right traffic for all your scheduled posts. For business accounts, you have the option of Instagram Insights that will help you review your audience’s activities on your profile.
  • According to whichever third-party apps you are using, you can queue and schedule your posts on the app. Make sure that you select the correct date and time to publish your content.

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