You might have found other social media sites to be filled with videos, photos, and brands, and updates from family and friends together. On the other hand, Instagram is different. Here, you can focus on one at a time. While Instagram easy and simple user interface makes it easier for users to focus on a variety of interesting videos from other users, it also makes it easier for us to repost others’ content on Instagram.

Needless to worry, you can repost anything of your choice, be it a video or a picture for free on Instagram. People do it to gain more followers from the source. Another way to get followers is by buying Instagram followers from a trusted site.

Also, there are multiple ways in which you can do so. Below listed are 2 ways in which you can repost videos on Instagram. 

how to repost Instagram videos
Different Ways to Repost Instagram Videos 3

But, before you proceed to do so, as per Instagram terms of use, you have to reach out to the person on Instagram whose video you are willing to repost. You can ask for permission by either commenting on the particular video or picture or by sending them a direct message on Instagram. Without further discussions, let’s continue to read below. 

How to Repost on Instagram?

As we already mentioned, obtaining the permission of the other person is the first step. Secondly, you just have an external application downloaded to your device. There are innumerable such apps available in PlayStation or Google Plays tore such as Repost For Instagram, DownloadGram, InstaRepost, etc. 

Let’s see how to repost Instagram videos using Repost for Instagram. 

Download Repost for Instagram

No matter you have an iOS or Android device, download Repost For Instagram on your device. This application is amazing and compatible with both devices. It integrates flawlessly with Instagram. Thus you can access Instagram through this application and can repost others’ videos on your Instagram profile

Identify a photo or video to repost

Now, log in to your Instagram account using the right password and username. 

Look for the video that you intend to repost from your account.

Once you have found it, click on it. 

Copy the post’s share URL to your clipboard

  • Now, you have to copy the video’s URL.
  • For that, you must click on the “…” icon located in the top right corner of the post. 
  • When you click on the three dots, a drop-down menu would appear.
  • Select copy share URL. 

Open Repost for Instagram

  • Now, open the external app that you have downloaded.
  • When you open “Repost For Instagram”, then the video would automatically appear on this app’s homepage. 
  • On the homage, you would get an arrow on the right-hand corner of the video. Tap on that. 
  • Now you can edit the video accordingly if you want. You can make necessary changes and see how to post would appear on Instagram when reposted. 
  • If you are done editing, tap on the repost. 
  • Now click on copy to Instagram. Upon clicking, you would be redirected to Instagram where you can add suitable filters to your video. 

Edit the video’s caption, if required 

  • If you have finished adding the required filters to the video on Instagram, you can tap on next.
  • If you want to include the original caption of the post, you can copy and paste it too in the caption space. 

Now share 

When everything is done, click on share. It would appear like your regular Instagram post, with proper credits for the person from whom you have posted. 

Now, we would go through the steps of reposting videos on Instagram through InstaRepost. Follow the following steps if you are using InstaRepost. 

Download InstaRepost.

Just like Repost for Instagram, you too have to download this application, no matter it’s your android or iOS device. This application is again compatible with both devices and allows you to share videos from others’ profiles

Give InstaRepost access to your Instagram account

  • Now, you have to open Insta repost and give permission to access Instagram.
  • You have to log in to Instagram from InstaRepost and authorise the app to access every Instagram photo, video, friend, etc.

Use InstaRepost to search for the original poster’s username

  • On InstaRepost, you would be able to see a small portion of your Instagram feed.
  • If you know whose video you are willing to share, you can directly look for that person. 
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen of the app. You will get access to the explore tab. 
  • Now, search for the person’s profile by entering his/ her username. 

Save the photo to your phone’s camera roll

  • Once you have got the video that you want to repost on your Instagram profile, click on the video.
  • You would get 3 options, just beneath the post. Click on the last one (arrow). 
  • Then tap on the repost. Now click on repost again. 
  • This will get the video saved in your device’s camera roll. 
  • Now, open the Instagram application again. Click on post and tap on “library”. 
  • Your phone’s camera roll would appear where you can easily find the video saved. 
  • Click on it to pull it into Instagram. 

Add a filter and a citation, and share your repost

  • Make necessary changes if required. You can add filters and texts to it. 
  • Once you are done click on next. If you want to keep the origins caption in the post, paste the original caption in the given space. You can also add a suitable caption of your own. 
  • To give credits to the video’s original poster, type the username of the person at the end. 
  • Now click on share. 

Reposting best practices

Below stated are some practices you must follow when it comes to reposting videos on Instagram. 

  • Ask for permission

Always get the required permission from the person whose post you would like to repost. You can either message or comment. Also, add a thoughtful message stating why you would like to repost it. 

  • Avoid editing 

Try to retain the original quality of the post. It’s best to keep the post untouched and unedited. 

  • Give credit to the person 

This is an extremely important practice. You must make sure to mention the username of the person from whom you have shared the video. 

how to repost Instagram videos
Different Ways to Repost Instagram Videos 4

We think we have given a detailed guide on how can you repost videos or pictures on Instagram. Keep in mind the good practices while reposting. So what are you waiting for! Quickly download any external application and repost your favourite content within seconds.