Post ideas for Instagram are mentioned here. The latest version of Instagram has brought innumerable opportunities to people to showcase their individuality and creativity. With that, Instagram is back into competition with other social media giants like Twitter and Orkut. Are you tired of simply posting pictures on Instagram? Are you willing to try out different ideas for posting content? If yes, you have come to the right place. Instagram offers innumerable creative ways to people to create a unique account. Below enlisted are some unique post ideas for Instagram. 

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post ideas for Instagram.
Post ideas for Instagram 5

Use Visual Chaining to Keep Your Feed Attractive

There are some Instagram profiles that look completely perfect. Somehow, every image seems to be in sync with one another. If you too want to create an aesthetic Instagram profile for yourself, you must try to maintain what’s called a visual chain. To attain this you have to put extra effort and plan out what photos to post in sequence beforehand. 

Every time you decide to post a photo, think about how it would look beside the previous photo or the next one that you choose to upload. Visual chains would give your Instagram profile an organised look. For best results, you can try to post content by colour, theme, or photo orientation.

Use Boomerang to Boost Interest

Boomerangs are a newly added feature on Instagram. Though it might seem funny it can attract people into liking your photo. If you swipe your Instagram feed left, you can access the boomerang feature on Instagram. Otherwise, you can also download a separate application for doing the perfect boomerangs. 

When you choose to boomerang any moment or photo, you have to long-press the capture option and once it’s done, save it to your phone’s gallery. You can then upload the boomerang to your Instagram story or post it if you like. 

Write a caption first, then find the photo

Major influencers or brands choose a suitable caption first and then proceed to find a suitable photo to match it. Finding suitable content is easier when you already know what you are looking for. Similarly, when there’s a caption in your mind already, your search for the appropriate picture becomes easier. 

You must create an impressive online voice. Try to write more than the usual brand captions that other brands write. Make sure to have strong copywriting. In this regard, remember that identifying the right brand voice is a process. You can check how other brands post content and captions. 

post ideas for Instagram.
Post ideas for Instagram 6

Theme Your Instagram post ideas for Instagram

Maintain a consistent theme. That is an important idea you must keep in mind. Instagram allows users to maintain several accounts. Hence, you can easily maintain different profiles for different purposes. Try to keep your private and professional accounts separate. Themed accounts are far more likely to attract followers than disorganized accounts. Followers know what they should expect from your profile. When followers keep receiving satisfying content from you, they obviously would recommend your profile to others. Post ideas for Instagram.

Your brand must have a good social media presence. Besides showcasing good copywriting talents, you must also promote your brand to various other social media platforms. When your business comprises quality content, no matter videos or words or photos, your business would spread to other platforms. If you write blogs related to your business or post content somewhere, use it to draw attention to your Instagram profile. 

Add product teasers

Do you launch services or products of your brand on Instagram? In that case, you can post stories about your new product instead of directly posting up in your profile. This way, you would be able to build anticipation among your followers. However, you don’t have to post mysterious posts to build up hype among people. You can collaborate with other brands or popular influencers and host live sessions. Or you can share stories on your profile about your upcoming products and services and so on. Make it a guessing game for your followers.

Run a flash sale in Stories

As you know, Instagram stories are fleeting. They get deleted after 24 hours of uploading. Take advantage of this opportunity and post stories informing about flash sales! This is an extremely effective way to drive your followers to purchase the products and make sure they don’t miss out on opportunities! 

If you have limited products of any kind, be it cosmetics, dress, or accessories, you can quickly post them for a resale on your Instagram story. You can even announce amazing discounts on them if they are high priced. It will create curiosity among people and persuade them to go through every story. 

Although most people don’t know these overlays and stickers aren’t just meant to be posted only on stories, add additional graphic overlays or fun stickers that would make your feed more colorful and unique. You can stand out easily from other brands and influencers on Instagram. 

Add stickers to your posts

Recently, overlays and stickers have become extremely trending on Instagram. They add colour and vibrance to your post and make it lively. Thus, when used, stickers enhance your picture’s quality to the highest quality. If you are looking out for interesting stickers on Instagram, you can download them from external applications. You can also create your stickers. 

Instagram is ever-changing and evolving. It’s coming up with different and fresh opportunities. Keeping yourself updated with the latest ideas and options can be challenging but it’s enjoyable. We hope the above-listed ideas would be helpful. If you are looking for more ideas, you can follow some popular Instagram accounts of major influencers and brands. You would get some idea of how should you handle your Instagram profile.