Instagram has gone through a lot of changes in recent times. They've not only added new features to fight Snapchat and other social media platforms, but they've also revoked users' access to Instagram for numerous third-party apps. 

 Businesses of all kinds prefer to build their social media presence by posting their content on platforms. This post will cover the best ways to optimize Instagram for your personal or business image. If you're creating a brand for your company, Instagram can be your perfect tool. Here are some ways to ensure your website is working at its peak.

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1. Reels, reels, and reels

Reels became available on Instagram in the middle of 2021 and were a huge success. Instagram launched Reels to compete with TikTok and, in doing so, began prioritizing Reels over other kinds of content. Reels are less than 60 seconds long and in vertical format. Try out a variety of popular sounds and types of content to find the one that best fits your needs. Here's a reel we created earlier in the year to show you how.

2. Post at the correct timings

Are you posting your Instagram posts to your followers at any given time? You might be left out of many followers and likes if you do. Although there are many posts written about the most optimal timing to publish, this one is tailored specifically to your audience. You can utilize your knowledge to determine when your followers are online and plan your posts around their schedule.

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3. Use the appropriate hashtags

They will get you more attention from those searching and using the Discover section of Instagram. Research and locate five to ten relevant hashtags you can use in the comment section beneath your image. Alternate them and see which one is the most appropriate for your business. Keep in mind that posts with a minimum of one hashtag can get 12.6 percent more views, So don't miss this step.

It is also possible to join hashtags and follow them on Instagram. By following the most popular hashtags you've researched, you'll be able to determine e what type(s) or types of material tends to appear on the hashtag's feed or story. This will help you refine your content to gain more reach using hashtags.

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4. Always include a location tag

Also, if you want users to locate your image when they browse Instagram, including an address is vital. Your followers will then be able to view your images in the location you've put them in and open your doors to a new audience curious about your location tags.

5. Make use of stories to get more people to notice your brand

Instagram Stories was launched in August of this year, and the platform hasn't looked back. Since then, the app has brought in live streaming with various filters, location-tagging as well as the addition of animated gifs. Regarding branding, Instagram stories are excellent platforms to tell a story. Tell the story of your brand.

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6. Modify your profile to "Business Profile."

Switching your Instagram account to a business account instead of a personal one or account for business will open numerous powerful options for your brand to use.

The first step is to receive call-to-action buttons, which allow customers to reach you directly. 

In addition, you'll have access to the analytics, which are probably the most valuable. Analytics will tell you the location of your followers, the time they're on the internet, and what kinds of content work best. These numbers will allow you to tweak your strategy when you are creating content, ultimately offering your followers the excellent range they need.

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Thirdly, as the business profile, you have access to advertisements within Instagram which means that should you wish to run any paid promotion, It's simple. You can do this through Settings > Switch to Business Profile, then select which Facebook account you'd prefer it to.

Instagram optimization allows businesses to review the quality, frequency, and consistency of their content according to best practices for social media. This post taught us the best ways to optimize Instagram for your personal or business image. If you're creating a brand for your company, Instagram can be your perfect tool. 

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