We all have somebody in our accounts which we are following just because we have to. It might be a family member, an associate in the office, or an acquaintance. Also, you might not like what they post about on their stories or posts. But then again, you can't just go and tap on the "Unfollow" button. So here's how to mute Instagram stories of that person.

How To Mute Instagram Stories
Most Accurate Method on How To Mute Instagram Stories 4

How To Mute Instagram Stories

There are multiple ways to go about muting an account's stories on Instagram. In total, there are three methods on how to mute Instagram Stories.

Direct Method

Step 1: Unlock the phone (Android or iPhone, it works for both). Run your Instagram app.

Step 2: Once you're on your feed, look at the top section of your screen. You can see all the different stories in that section. Look for the story of the user you wish to mute.

Step 3: When you find that story, simply long-press on it. Around 2-3 seconds will do. 

Step 4: A list of options will pop up on your screen. From there, tap on "Mute."

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Muting Through the Profile

Step 1: Once again, unlock your phone and run the app.

Step 2: Now that you're on your feed, head to the bottom right corner. Tap on the icon with your display picture. 

Step 3: You're at your Profile menu now. Tap on "Following."

Step 4: You may choose to either look for the user or simply type their username in the search bar.

Step 5: When you find the account of the user, tap on "…"

Step 6: As the tray of options slides in from the bottom, you'll see "Mute." Tap on that.

Step to mute Instagram stories
Most Accurate Method on How To Mute Instagram Stories 5

Step 7: Now, you may choose to mute only their stories or both stories and posts. Finally, tap on whatever you decide. 

Manually Mute the Story

Step 1: Just like before, go ahead and run the Instagram app.

Step 2: But this time, when your feed opens, head to the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a magnifying glass. 

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Step 3: Once the Search page opens up, head to the search and punch in the username. 

Step 4: As it shows up, tap on their profile. It'll direct you to their profile.

Step 5: Once you're there, tap on "Following."

Step 6: A list of options will dropdown. From amongst the options, tap on "Mute."

Once again, you have the choice to mute both their stories and posts.

Is Muting An Account Permanent

To simply answer that, no, muting an account isn't a permanent or long-term solution. These account (s) will still be able to send direct messages, like or comment on your posts, and so on. But one day, if you wish to roll back things, unmuting is as easy as muting stories. Also, if you wish your posts get more likes, visit us. 

How to Unmute Instagram Stories

The easiest way to unmute a story is through the Story section itself. But it only applies to those mute actions that happen before you close the app. 

When you mute the user from the Story section, their stories will move to the end of the line.

Step 1: Swipe across the stories till the end.

Step 2: The muted account will appear hazy and blur.

Step 3: Long press it again and tap on "Unmute Story."

As mentioned earlier, after muting the user, if you close the app, the story will not appear at all. For such situations, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go ahead and run your Instagram application.

Step 2: Look towards the bottom right corner and tap on the icon with your display picture. 

Step 3: Once you're on your Profile page, go to the top right corner and tap on the three lines stacked together.

Step 4: Tap on "Settings." 

Step 5: Under "Settings," go to "Privacy."

Step 6: Head to the options under "Connections," tap on "Muted accounts."

Step 7: Tap on the muted user's profile.

Step 8: Go to their "Following."

Step 9: Tap on "Mute" and press once on the toggles until they become white.

That's it!