In the recent past, Instagram introduced the feature of marketplace to facilitate business owners and entrepreneurs who use Instagram as a medium of selling their products and services. This new addition has gain massive popularity and praise in the Instagram business community. Instagram has the highest engagement level among all the other social media applications, hence such a large and interactive user community attracts millions of marketers towards this platform.

Business with Instagram
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 9

It’s no secret that Instagram has significantly improvised and advanced. It has an amazing reach and people use is several times a day. Instagram is a highly prioritized channel to grow your brand, small business, or a personal blog because of its sky-rocketing engagement levels.

Instagram attracts more than a billion of users on daily basis. There is something very appealing and interactive about this social media platform. Fewer fake posts, rumors, and unnecessary viral content makes it super niche and engaging for the users. Since the day business owners and new business aspirers discovered the potential of selling and buying on Instagram, they haven’t stopped utilizing it in the best ways possible. Small, medium and large business owners have tried to make full use of this site to earn revenues and provide value to their target customers.

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First Things First: Use Business Account

A business account helps you add call to action buttons on your profile like contact, visit website, etc. It has an option to mention your industry in your bio to help your target audience quickly recognize who you are and develop an understanding of your existence on the networking site. In a business account, you are also able to boost your posts to gain more engagement and drive traffic to your account. These options are not available and applicable on personal accounts.

Use Business Account
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 10

Making Full Use of IGTV

IGTV feature is great for cross promotional activities for your business’s success. IGTV has helped marketers gain more consistency in their content. The most amazing part of this feature is that initially you just have to let a 15 second clip play on the IGTV tab, and the rest of the video will be linked to the Swipe-Up option. This particular options helps you as a marketer by keeping the most intriguing part of your campaign within 15 seconds to attract an audience.

Use of IGTV
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 11

Moreover, ads and badges have added a monetary incentive on IGTV making it more lucrative and powerful to market your business on Instagram.

Instagram Marketplace and its Role in Kickstarting your business

To use Instagram marketplace feature, you will have to set up business account, allowing customers to shop natively. Your business account will have to be connected to Facebook product catalogue through Business Manager directly on your corresponding Facebook page or to online shopping sites like Ebay or Shopify. The feature allows the shops to not only mention the price, but also different characteristics like available sizes, colors, and designs.

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Instagram Marketplace
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 12

Moreover, the shopping cart icon appears at the top corner once the customer taps on the arrow on the product in the shoppable post. It directly adds the item into the cart within the app without making customers go back and forth between the shopping cart and product’s Instagram post.

Not Forgetting the Power of Great Content

No one likes bad quality images and low resolution videos, especially when they are shopping! You have to make sure that you stand out! Research about different angles and photography equipment. Learn difference between different types of devices used. Food photography will completely be different from portrait photography. Product photography is an extremely vital part of running your business on Instagram. And if you are managing a providing services, it gets trickier.

Power of Great Content
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 13

Photographing, editing, and uploading physical product pictures is comparatively much easier but properly showcasing your services is the real deal. So never forget the power of good content on Instagram.

Whether you are using a professional DSLR or your phone camera, main focus should be on the right techniques to take pictures. Same goes for videos, keep your videos short and less wordy if they are about products and services. And if not, then the length may vary. No matter what the type of content, quality over quantity, always!

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Extract Useful Insights from Instagram Analytics

Instagram has made it easier to get more knowledge about your target audience and followers’ usage patterns. To do so, you must completely develop an understanding of Instagram insights. But for this, you will have to switch your account to business mode which can easily be done by going into setting and selecting “switch to business account” option, as mentioned in earlier in this article.

This form of account provides insights about where your followers are from, when are they online, how well your posts are performing, number of impressions, views, comments, likes, clicks, reposts, and the list is never-ending.

Instagram Analytics
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 14

Getting Discovered among Instagram Shops

This particular goal is the ultimate crux of running a business on Instagram. With full fledge resources, features, and monetary benefits, Instagram has made sure that nothing is left out when it comes to running an Instagram shop or business account. Hence, if you, as a marketer use all the above features to your benefit, undoubtedly your business will flourish on this platform.

Getting Discovered
Kickstarting Small Business with Instagram is Easier than Ever! 15

Final Words

No doubt, Instagram is an amazing place for kickstarting a small business. Creative features, amazing controls, and remarkable insights really help a marketer in spreading the word out in the world. Attracting, converting, and retaining customers and prospects is made easier than ever.  So do not hesitate in making your business Instagram savvy.