Sometimes, Instagram users complain that the app is not loading the videos properly. The video play for few seconds and then buffer to load the full video. Or maybe do not play due to some circumstances. From this article We learn how to fix Instagram Videos Are Not Playing on Android

However, the audio remains in the playing mode while the video screen disappears. There might be several reasons behind the incomplete Instagram video downloads on android, computers, laptops, iPhone, chrome etc.

Moreover, if you are an influencer, then the problem might be more severe. Due to this, you may lose your target audience. Hence, it is significant to solve this issue as soon as possible, so your Instagram growth can increase.

Instagram Videos Are Not Playing on Android

Now, let’s know about the tips on how to fix it; Instagram videos are not playing on android, PC and iPhone.

Reasons Why Instagram Videos Don’t Play? 

Before knowing the tips directly, let us know the reasons behind the improper functioning of Instagram videos to a better outlook about the problem. 

The general reasons of the issue could be- 

  1. Using a cellular data internet connection or poor WiFi to stream online Instagram videos. 
  2. There might be vicious data in your app. Or you are accessing the old version of the app. 
  3. The video that you wish to see on Instagram has deleted by the creator. 
  4. You may leave power saving mode on while using the app. 

How to Fix; Instagram Videos Are Not Playing on Android, PC and iPhone? 

Now let us know the tips, how you can solve the video buffering issue on Instagram. 

  • Restart your gadget 

You might have tried this strategy earlier to solve most of the frustrating issues. Before attempting the technical solutions first, you may restart your gadget to fix the problem. 

If you are an android user, then follow the steps given.  

  • Press the power button and wait for few seconds. 
  • After this, you will see the power off option on the menu. 
Instagram Videos Are Not Playing on Android

For iPad/ iPhone users; 

  • To restart your device, push the side button until you see a slider. 
  • Switch off the device by dragging down the slider. 
  • Start the iPhone by pressing and holding the side button unless the “Apple logo” is visible on the screen. 
  • Update Instagram 

If you’re using an old version of the app, then it causes several buffering issues. If you download the latest version of the app, then it comes up with bug fixes. So, check for the latest updates of the app to avoid errors. 

To upgrade Instagram on Android, follow the steps mentioned. 

  • Open the google play store. 
  • Tap on the menu option. 
  • Select Instagram and update. 

To upgrade Instagram on iOS. 

  • Open the Apple play store.
  • Select the app. 
  • Tap on the “update” button. 
  • Check your Internet connection. 

Check network 

  • You should avoid using cellular data. You can use WiFi to access the app. 
  • Check if the app is disabled or not. If it is disabled, then videos will not load properly. 

Check router 

  • Check cables and reboot the router. 
  • Protect the router from heat.
  • Check the availability of routers with other electronic gadgets.

Reset connection and try again

  • Restart your gadget followed by resetting the network connection of iPhone or android. 
  • Connect with the network again and try playing the videos. 
  •  Clear app cache and data

The apps which you use on the devices stores the activities in the form of an app cache that could be corrupted. 

The falsified data of Instagram may cause issues while loading the videos. 

Here’s the process of clearing the Instagram data and cache. 

For android 

  • Go to settings and “apps”. 
  • Choose Instagram and the “storage” option. 
  • Tap on the “clear cache and data” option. 

For iPad/ iPhone

  • Go to the settings menu and tap on the “general” option.
  • Select Instagram and hit the “offload app” option to clear cache and data.