See Instagram Video Formats and Which Ones Are Ideal Below.


Instagram provides many formats to edit the videos you want to post. So, it is vital to know Instagram video formats & which ones are ideal for your Instagram feeds. The most popular video format of Instagram is MP4. It is considered the best video format because it is very simple to use and is easily accessible.

If you have an Instagram on laptop, you can easily make videos in MP4 files. There are various softwares that allow you to convert the file and export it for uploading.

Knowing the Instagram video formats & which ones are ideal is necessary to upload the video in the right way. Let us go through the specifications of different Instagram videos and the formats that can be used for them.

Instagram Video Formats and Which Ones Are Ideal For Instagram Feeds

If you want to upload a video on Instagram feeds, you should know the duration required for it. The video should be 3 to 60 seconds long. It accepts the MP4 formats.

Instagram video formats & which ones are ideal

Aspects Ratios For Different Formats

Square Video: It is ideal for posting videos on feeds and carousels. The minimum resolution needs to be 600P by 600P. Square videos are slightly more engaging than landscape videos. Its ratio is 1:1.

Portrait Video: It is also used for feed videos and Instagram Carousel videos. The minimum resolution for this format needs to be 600P by 750P. This video format is ideal if you want to add captions and details related to it. Its ratio is 4:5.

Landscape Video: This format is also used while uploading posts on feeds. Its ratio is 1.91:1 to 16:9. If you want to post a video in this format, consider using the resolution of 1080P by 608P. If you want to give your videos an aesthetic look, this format is right for you. See Instagram Video Formats and Which Ones Are Ideal.

Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are Ideal For Instagram Stories, Live Videos, IGTV Videos and Instagram Reels

1. Video for Instagram Story

If you want to know the best format for Instagram stories, you need to know some basic things about it. Firstly, Instagram stories always have to be vertical. Secondly, the duration of the story has to be more than 15 seconds. If the story is more than the required duration, it will get split up into several stories. The format supported by Instagram stories is MP4. The maximum size for uploading a story is 4GB.

2. Live Video on Instagram

Similar to the Instagram video, the live Instagram live videos need to be vertical. The duration of a live video can be as long as 60 minutes. There is not much difference between other Instagram videos and live videos. 4GB is the maximum file size to upload.

3. IGTV Video

The duration of IGTV can start from 15 seconds and can go till 60 minutes. The Igtv videos should be uploaded in MP4 OR MOV file formats. If you are uploading a video of 10 minutes, the maximum file size should be 650 MB and for uploading a 60 minutes video the size should be 3.6GB.

4. Instagram Reels

It is a recent feature that has been added to Instagram to give users a better experience. it also supports MP4 file format and the maximum size for uploading files should be 4GB.

Instagram video formats & which ones are ideal

All IN One: Vertical Videos (9:16)

It is important to note that for all the videos other than feed videos, the aspect used is vertical. Vertical aspect is used for the Instagram reel, story, IGTV and live videos.

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The minimum resolution that can be used for vertical videos is 600P by 1067P.

So, now, it’s time to try all the formats and aspects of Instagram videos. Apart from these choices, getting Instagram followers to get more popularity on Instagram is also ideal.