Instagram lets you upload 15 seconds long video for one story and a 7 seconds story for still pictures. Although it is possible to upload a video longer than 15 seconds on your story, in most cases, Instagram can only chop up your video into four 15-second videos. Therefore, if your video is 2 minutes long, you will only upload the first one minute of the video.

how long are Instagram stories
Instagram story length: How long can your videos be? 5

If you still want to upload a longer video, you will have to use third-party apps that can trim the video manually. With this, you can have two 1-minute long videos to further chop up into four 15 second videos each. So you will have your full 2-minute video up on your story.

Here is a detailed explanation to understand how long are Instagram stories:

The different methods of taking Instagram stories:

how long can an Instagram story be
Instagram story length: How long can your videos be? 6

Press and hold method:

There is an option for you to shoot the Instagram story live on the app without uploading already saved videos or photos. If you are shooting a video with the Instagram story feature, press and hold the shutter button, which will let you take a 15-second long video.

Instagram is constantly updating and improving its platform for a better user experience. This social media platform has grown to be one of the most influential and impactful social media platforms today. You always get to enjoy many new updates on your Instagram app that are interesting and one of a kind.

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Using the Hands free mode:

An added update is the "hands-free" mode, where you don't have to hold down the shutter button to take a video. You have o tap it once, and you're suitable for one whole minute of shooting. However, even in this case, Instagram will shop your 1-minute long video up to four 15-second videos as you are shooting the video live.

Other than this, the newer updates on the Instagram mobile application are:

  • The introduction of interactive stickers.
  • GIFs in your DMS.
  • Adding tags in videos.
how long are stories on Instagram
Instagram story length: How long can your videos be? 7

Here is a video on how long are Instagram stories

How to make videos on Instagram stories:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Swipe left to enter the Instagram camera or tap on the + button on your profile to go to the camera.
  4. If you want, you can choose filters, turn the camera to front or back viewing, choose multiple layouts, or go for the Boomerang effect.

Still picture story:

If you wish to upload a still picture are your Instagram story, you can tap on the image icon and go to your camera roll. Choose whichever photo you want and tap "add story." This gives you a 7-second long video.

Video story:

If you choose a longer video from your camera roll, it will be chopped up into a few 15-second long segments. However, this is only possible for up to 4 different 15-second videos.

If your original video is longer than 1 minute, you will not add the video past the 1-minute mark. For this, you have to go to any video editing third-party apps that will let you trim the video into two or three different 1-minute long videos.

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Live video story:

To create a video, choose a video of your camera roll or tap and hold the shutter button to create a video. Making a live video through your Instagram app will allow you to make a 15-second long video.

Another way of taking longer videos live on the Instagram app is by going to the "hands-free" option. You can find this on the left side corner of your screen. This will let you take a video without having to hold and press the shutter for the entire 15-second duration. Moreover, you can continuously take a 1-minute long video, and the camera will automatically cut up your live video into 15-second segments each for 1 minute.

Once you are happy with your video, you can add the effects and filers of your desire. You can even add text and stickers and proceed to upload the story. You also have the option of sharing it publicly to all your followers or to a specific individual from your following list or DMS.

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