Instagram stories can be a powerful platform to voice out a lot of personal opinions. Whether you feel sad, happy, angry, or opinionated, Instagram stories provide a space for you to vent out any of the stress that may be draining you out.

You can create blank screens by using the “create” option in stories. You can type out whatever you want to say and post it on your story. Not only for personal gain, but Instagram has also been a voice for communities coming together and fighting for their rights. Especially when we look at 2020’s Black Lives Matter movement, it all started with social media, led by celebrities who posted a black screen on their stories to signify their support for the move.

This was a way to show that they stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement against the brutality of the police force. No one saw anything on the supporter’s Instagram stories for the rest of the day except for a black screen.

how can you post a black screen on Instagram.

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How it started:

The movement lies on the grounds of racism and how to bring awareness of such discrimination to the public so that everyone can fight a united fight against the oppressors.

From its inception in 2013, the Black Lives Matter Movement has seen its depiction in songs, movies, paintings, and even literature. It started as a political and social movement motivated by police brutality against the Black community.

The movement started to die down after its initial years but quickly started gaining more popularity as people become more aware of the movement. This movement reached its peak in June 2020, when the death of George Floyd made headlines.

This particular movement consisted of celebrities and ordinary people joining hands and standing for the fundamental human rights of the Black community. It also saw a significant shift in social media influence with the Blackout Tuesday protest to post black screens on their stories as a symbol f support for the movement.

What it means:

The black screens posted during the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement were a way for people to educate themselves on the treatment of black people worldwide, especially by the police force. Overall, it was a battle about injustice and racism and a chance for people to reflect on the extreme oppression of a particular race by the government.

Black Lives matter is an expansive community that is a liberator of oppression. The main goal is to combat acts of violence and racism while also allowing for Black innovation to improve the quality of life.

How to post black screen on Instagram:

Live photo:

  • Launch the Instagram application on your mobile device
  • Log into your Instagram account
  • Go to your profile
  • Swipe left from your feed or click on the “+” sign at the top of the right-hand side of the screen on your profile
  • This will open the camera for Instagram
  • Place your camera lens on a flat surface and allow no light to enter
  • Make sure to turn off your flash
  • Tap on the camera shutter when you can see only a black display on your phone
  • You can download the captured image or edit it further to add to your story later

Download image:

  • Go to your preferred search engine (Google, Bing, Safari, Yahoo! etc.)
  • Type the keyword (i.e., black) followed by “Box,” “rectangle,” whatever suits your preferences
  • Click on the picture that you are most satisfied with and save it on your camera roll.
  • Launch the Instagram application on your mobile device
  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile
  • Swipe left from your feed or click on the “+” sign at the top of the right-hand side of the screen on your profile.
  • This will open the camera for Instagram.
  • Go to your gallery by clicking on the photo icon at the bottom left of the screen next to the shutter.
  • Choose from among your photos the black photo that you have previously downloaded.
  • Select the picture, and it will appear on your camera screen.
  • Edit it further or post the story as is

Watch this video that demonstrates how to post black screen on Instagram.

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