Instagram- A necessary part of lifestyle having an undeniable effect on every domain of life events, education, marketing, jobs, etc. In this article, you’ll get to learn about the effect of language and mainly Instagram Slang, abbreviation, and lingo.

Instagram Slang
Instagram Slang World - Things You Need to Know 4

Linguists and sociologists have raced over seeking funds for the most bizarre academic projects since the outset of universities. Interestingly, they have also found a subject that encompasses all socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, and tastes when it comes to "hype phrases" or even the exponentially emerging "Instagram Slang".

The emergence of Instagram

Now for centuries, the language has kept changing and you must have already noticed that better. But change used to follow certain trends earlier, but nowadays when every next person is equipped with smartphones and data sharing plans, every next day emerges with almost a new language trend which tends to reach larger audiences than ever before.

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Needless to mention the facts about the demographic differences, the Instagram Users have massively been following pages and accounts that reflect their preferences/sense of humor/political stance, etc., and interestingly, all of them use the same meme template.

Regardless of who you are and what you are into, you probably have chiseled a certain bunch of “Internet Catchphrases” into your vocabulary. These slangs have embedded such that they keep knocking one’s collective consciousness. It’s almost like the Internet and Instagram Slang is someday gonna take absolute control over the world's linguistics.

How Knowing Instagram Slang Helps?

Instagram Slang
Instagram Slang World - Things You Need to Know 5
  1. Build Your Community Using Instagram Slang:

When it comes to gaining followers and pleasing your fan following, Instagram Slang might do half of the work for you. When you share your work with people, you ought to be someone who should interest them, and when you use slang of Instagram, the viewers get a sense of belonging.

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2. Instagram Slang for Visual marketing:

Instagram being the best photo/video sharing platform, has boosted the global marketing era through images, videos, Igtvs, or even reels promotion. Along with the images, one can use the Instagram slang-based hashtags in captions to boost up community marketing among certified followers.

Instagram Slang and Lingo

Instagram Slang is one of the most uncommon yet informal language trends that is emerging among the social media users of all platforms. Group Solidarity markers and shared experiences of humans at a certain age or maybe on being a part of social groups such as hookers, musicians, or marketing professionals, has been a characteristic marker.

Given below are a few Instagram Slang generated by IG users among themselves and you should learn these with time to surpass FOMO.

Some Instagram Slang, lingo, abbreviations with their Meaning/Full Form:

  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -This is a shruggie emoji, used to say “who knows” “doesn’t matter,” “whatever,” or “why not”
  2. FOMO- Also elaborated as Fear Of Missing Out
  3. PM- Private Message
  4. Cray- Crazy
  5. It me- The phrase you use when you relate to a certain meme, quote, photo, etc
  6. Savage - Salty or satirically or extremely harsh
  7. Throwing shade- The act of bullying on Instagram
  8. YAAS/ Yeet- saying yes enthusiastically
  9. FoodPorn-For Photos of delicious meals
  10. YOLO- Hashtag for You only live once
  11. SMH- Shaking my head. To express shock or disappointment
  12. NVM- Nevermind
  13. IRL- In real life
  14. ICYMI            - In case you missed it.
  15. HTH- Happy to help or Here to help
  16. DYK- Did you know…?
  17. BTS- Behind the scenes.
  18. AFAIK           - As far as I know
  19. BTW- By the way
  20. HT or H/T- Hat tip. Used for appreciating, acknowledging, or thanking other users.
  21. OMW- On my way
  22. Regram- For asking to reshare
  23. ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing
  24. Follow4Follow- This phrase is put on bio and it means I follow you if you follow back me. This method is outdated now and there are better ways to increase followers.
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