Utilizing the best Instagram devices for your business will help you kick-start the Marketing Plan and create massive engagement with your company. It gives your company the edge it needs to compete with the competition and traffic via Instagram.

According to statistics released by Instagram, More than 90% of its users follow the businesses they admire, and more than 200 million people visit the business pages on Instagram. Are you creating the best Instagram service for your followers, or are you waiting to take the train?

With a greater emphasis on images and less space for text, it's challenging to build a great Instagram profile that appeals to your followers. In this article, I've compiled the top advertising tools on Instagram for you to speed up your account, increase the number of followers and boost participation in your business.

1. Marketing Tool of Instagram:  LeeTags

Use Case: 

LeeTags can be described as an Instagram hashtag generator that can provide relevant, popular, and related hashtags for your posts. You can create a great set of hashtags based on categories like ``Most Popular", ``Photography/Art Fashion', ``Fitness and Fitness, etc.

The hashtag collections in these categories also have subcategories that could be used to conduct micro-marketing. For example, in the category 'Fashion,' you can find more specific hashtags, such as 'Outfits of the day, "Girls' Fashion," "Men's fashion, etc.

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LeeTag can also help you save results of searched hashtag categories and make an index of your most popular hashtags to help you save time!

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2. IG marketing tool: VSCO

Editing photos and videos for Instagram by using various filters and presets.

Use Case

Sharing stunning, captivating images is an effective way to get your target audience's attention and make your company stand out. The kind that makes users look up and look at the picture! But, Instagram only offers a specific range of effects.

VSCO includes a variety of more amazing filters and presets to boost your game on Instagram and get double exposure on Instagram and the community for creators,' i.e., the VSCO application.

3. IG Marketing Tool:  Iconosquare

Use Case:

Iconosquare was explicitly designed to assist companies in controlling their social media activities more efficiently and effectively. It provides the necessary information to track your Instagram campaign's performance.

It is easy to track your information, such as how your followers are growing or the numbers of people who have been recently removed from your followers who followed you, which Instagram posts received the highest interest, what is the most effective timing to post, etc. You can also organize and plan every one of your Instagram posts. You can also manage all the Instagram accounts from a single dashboard!

The most appealing aspect of Iconosquare is the fact that it assists you in identifying Instagram Influencers to promote your company. It recommends relevant influencers you can collaborate with to help grow your business on Instagram.

4. IG Advertising Tool: Gleam

Use Case:

Every marketer looking at ways to broaden their reach and connect with their audience via Instagram has thought of organizing Instagram contests.

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Sure, it's an effective strategy for marketing to boost conversion. However, figuring out the best way to conduct a compelling contest can be difficult.

Gleam is a marketing growth platform that allows marketers to generate leads through contests and social media contests. It is easy to integrate with your company's Instagram account to launch exciting and engaging games, host giveaways for free, and host contests for your fans.

5. IG Marketing Tool: Pablo

Use Case:

Who doesn't appreciate a little inspiration every once over time? A lot of companies create collateral such as the one above to promote the purpose of promoting their Instagram accounts. They typically sell like hot pancakes, and get many views, likes, and shares from users of the Instagram community.

Pablo is a simple tool that allows users to upload photos that can be edited with the application. There are a variety of stunning graphics, fonts, and logos to pick from. Then, you can make a quote for your company's brand.

You can also choose an image from their vast collection of over 50,000 royalty-free photos to design your own.

Utilizing the best Instagram devices for your business will help you kick-start the Marketing Plan and create massive engagement with your company. It gives your company the edge it needs to compete with the competition and create leads and traffic via Instagram.

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