1.16 Billion users visit the Instagram site each month. The app is used by approximately 8 million users. You can find influencers on the site, with many followers. With the right strategy, you can also be an influencer.

However, it can be difficult for you to decide which types of posts will work best to grow your audience. You will learn how to become an Instagram marketing idea.

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies that work.

Get a Business Profile Now

Make sure you have an Instagram business account before you start thinking about your Instagram advertising plan.

It's simple to convert your existing profile into a business account.

Simply go to your settings, and click "Switch To Business Profile" to get going.

There are clear benefits to creating a business profile.

To contact you, your followers can click on your contact link from your Instagram account.

A business profile lets you create and publish Insta ads without the need to use Facebook advertising tools.

You can also access Instagram analytics tools (called Insights), which provide stats on the impressions of your posts and their reach.

Once you have your business profile set up, it is time to use them to monitor metrics and get to know your audience.

Please make use of our free Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram business profiles don't look very different from Facebook business profile.

Insights allows you to view statistics such as impressions, engagement data and many more.

You can even request a breakdown of your followers including their age, gender and most active hours.

The insights you get are not just generalized. You can view specific information about the posts of the week. This includes which top posts you had.

These free tools can be invaluable because they allow you to see how users interact with your content.

How users interact with your posts will help you adjust your content to increase engagement.

Product teasers are an example of a post that grabs attention almost every time.

Post Product Teasers Will (Gently). Urge People to Purchase

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How would you like to sell more products by simply posting product teasers on Instagram

Well, you can.

Instagram is a great platform to promote your products. You won't upset users or scare them away with your ads if you play your cards well.

Your followers will fall if you become too pushy. Product teaser photos are a simple and effective way to increase excitement about your product without making it seem too difficult.

Two posts are from Gilt Man's Insta page. They don't attempt to sell any product but provide a free app which allows users to browse the entire brand's inventory.

The brand gives you a 70% discount, and also shows photos of some of its products.

These posts also received thousands of likes, which is huge for the advertising industry.

Because they're not pushy, the ads work. They're relaxed. They encourage users to download their app and look at the product images.

This can be used in almost any industry. Starbucks teases its audience , announcing seasonal beverages with sharp imagery but not trying to force people into buying them.

People will respond more positively to being teased about products they are most interested in.

If they don’t, they’ll still engage with your post, by liking it, commenting and sharing it with a buddy.

Don't be afraid, however, to post photos of your product. Do it gently.

It can also help to create sponsored ads.

Create sponsored ads

Instagram ads are now commonplace. The best part? You control how much you spend by setting up an ad budget.

You can display one sponsored advertisement or multiple ads that use The Carousel feature.

This allows brands to target new audiences in a unique way. Only followers of your account were able to see updates and photos.

This allows brands to promote their photos to anyone who matches their target audience to extend their reach beyond.

Use engaging content for sponsored ads that appeals to the target audience you are targeting with the ad.

It is possible to turn your existing posts into sponsored ads. Keep an eye on the top posts.

You can also promote these posts to your potential customers via sponsored ads.

Multiple posts can be sent to different audiences simultaneously to increase engagement. You can post many types of sponsored ads , such as.

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads
  • Stories
  • Stories Canvas
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Instagram Stories are another great way of connecting with your followers, whether sponsored or unsponsored.

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Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to get leads.

Instagram stories are different than regular Instagram posts, because they are in a slideshow format.

This feature is very similar Snapchat Stories (and even has a direct competitor).

Instagram Stories do not appear in the newsfeed, but are displayed in a small area above.

After a user clicks your photo at top, a window pops up where they can see your Story .

 Stories can be displayed at the top on followers timelines, where users look every day.

Brands may use stories to capture behind the scenes information that isn't as "high quality" as regular posts.

Stories is a place where you don't need to worry about creating content that matches the aesthetic of your Instagram account or brand.

Instagram allows you to experiment using different types of content, including photos, video clips, and Boomerangs. Canva or InVideo can be used to create incredible images and videos that you can share with your Stories.

Boomerangs images that look like GIFs and play on a loop.

Stories also allows you to tag other accounts. This is especially useful if your collaboration with another brand/influencer.

Text, stickers, and face filters make it easy to modify images or create eye-catching, fun visuals.

Every video and photo you add will play exactly in the same order you added them.

Stories allows you to add unlimited number of posts at any one time. The feature is open to all businesses.

Stories are only available via the mobile Instagram App. Direct messages cannot be sent to Instagram Stories at this time.

However, the majority of Instagram users access the site via their smartphone app and not through the website itself, this isn't something to be concerned about.

If you aren't already partnered with influential Instagrammers, look for those you like and reach out.

Get a wider reach by partnering with influencers

Reaching potential customers on Instagram is easiest when you use influencers who already have a large following.

People are increasingly buying products or services based upon what they see on their social media feeds from the influential people that they follow. They trust them.

You can market your brand if you partner with the right industry expert .

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Begin by identifying influencers with a relevant audience to your product.

Here's a great example of Gravity Blankets using influencer Jessi Smil to promote their product via her Instagram account.

This post has received thousands of likes.

Post at the Right Times and Don't Over-Post

Over-posting is a surefire way of losing your existing followers.

They'll unfollow you if they only see your brand on their newsfeed.

However, you should post consistently so they see you in their news feed.

It is a great way to accomplish this: Only post on peak days and hours when your audience is online.

According simplyMeasured Wednesdays and Sundays are the worst days to upload to Instagram, while Mondays or Thursdays are the best.

Research by CoSchedule has shown that the best times to post are between 9:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

The hour of 8:00 to 9:00 AM is the time people get ready for work (or commute) and check their social media.

Also, 2:00 AM is when most people are awake scrolling through Instagram while they should be asleep. Therefore, this is the most popular time for posting.

You can search for your followers in Instagram Insights. This means that your best days to post may be different depending on your audience.

With tools such as Hootsuite and CoSchedule or Sprout Social, you can set up your posts to go live on these days and times.

Research shows that you should post one to two times per hour, but not more.

You may be tempted by the temptation to post more. To post multiple images or ads, use Instagram's Carousel Album feature.

You won't overpower your followers' feeds.

Track your metrics once you have made the changes to ensure you are focusing on areas for improvement.


Finally, make sure you are tracking the right metrics so that you can see how your Instagram marketing efforts have paid off. Pay attention to your follower growth rate, engagement rates, and URL click-through percentage.

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