In a world where 69% of us have taken photos of our food, Instagram has become the place for street food vendors, cafes, and restaurants to increase their customer base and grow their brands.

Instagram is more valuable than any other platform when it comes to restaurant marketing. With people discovering new restaurants through the app and then deciding whether to go to them based on what the Instagram feed says, Instagram has become a powerful tool.

We have some strategies for marketing your restaurant on Instagram

1. Create Restaurant Hashtag #

A hashtag should be included in your bio. It will allow customers to know what to tag their photos when they take pictures on your restaurant's Instagram. 

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 What does it mean to have user-generated material?

No one else can take photos of your restaurant then you! Re-posting picture of customers is a critical strategy in restaurant marketing via Instagram. There are many reasons for this:

  • It displays your profile's authentic dining experience to visitors
  • It helps to build community
  • It enhances engagement

UGC can also save you time. This allows you to spend time on other areas of your restaurant's marketing.

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2. Food & Drink

An excellent restaurant marketing strategy involves planning campaigns around Social Media Holidays. There are many commemorative days for food and drink that draw a lot of attention on Instagram and Twitter. This is a great way to get more people to your event (because they will be trending), and it's also a great way to save time by planning.


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3. Stick to a Color Palette for Feeds

Perhaps it's the color you use on your walls, tables, or bright dishes. However, make sure to stick with a consistent color palette. Instagram marketing for restaurants is all visual. A cohesive Instagram account can be what makes or breaks someone scrolling down or clicking the Follow button.

Posting random and unpredictable content can make your Instagram page look messy or inconsistent. To make your Instagram profile stand out, it is crucial to keep your whole Instagram feed in mind.

4. Create Story Highlights

Story highlights are another must-have for restaurant marketing on Instagram. Stories highlights are an essential part of restaurant marketing on Instagram. Story highlights are a way for users to navigate your Instagram profile like a website.

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It doesn't matter if you have a menu broken down into categories or weekly specials. Meet the team profiles are also available. You want your profile to be able to tell people about your restaurant, so they want to follow it!

5. A memorable, unique, and easily Instagrammable brand symbol

Instagram has the potential for your restaurant to be an Instagram craze if it is unique and easily photographed. This is a great strategy for restaurant marketing. This strategy is a winning one for restaurant marketing. Customers can be brand ambassadors by sharing photos from this "cool Instagrammable item." People will also come to your restaurant when they see it on Instagram.

6. Partner with Food Bloggers & Influencers

It is no surprise that there are thousands upon thousands of food bloggers and influencers in this space, sharing delicious recipes and recommendations for restaurants. These users often have engaged audiences in their area, so partnering with them can be a great way to market restaurants to new potential customers.

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7.  Giveaways

Insta-friendly restaurant marketing strategy: Run competitions with customers. This not only improves engagement, with your followers liking the competition and commenting on it -- but also increases reach. Making "tag a friend" a requirement for entry will increase reach. Your followers can help you increase brand awareness by tagging people (who may also be from your area) to your competition posts!

8. Photography tip: Master Flat Lay Shot

Flat lay photography is becoming a hot trend in restaurant marketing. Food bloggers and restaurants use flat lay photography to achieve the satisfying effect we have come to love on Instagram. While it can be embarrassing to stand on a stool to take a photo, it is necessary if your Instagram profile wants to stand out.

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You should also have ornaments or statement furniture to make your tables pop on Instagram. Consider photo-first. Whether it's flowers, napkins with eye-catching patterns, or embellishments, anything that makes it photogenic will work.

It doesn't matter how great your iPhone cameras are; if you want to improve the quality of your restaurant marketing, it's worth investing in a high-quality DSLR.

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