Instagram is great for real estate if used correctly. Instagram is the best place for you to get more people engaged in your business. Instagram is popular because consumers love following their favorite brands.

Instagram might not be the best option for you. If Instagram Marketing for Realtors isn’t your favorite way of promoting business, if you take more pleasure in clipping your toes than you do streaming an open house live stream or posting gorgeous listing photos on Instagram, then Facebook is the most-used social networking. If you're passionate about using technology to connect with others and have already followed on Facebook, why not give the following social network a go?

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Insta: The Basics

Here's an overview of the basics you need about Instagram.

  • Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking site.
  • Who can do everything on the app for your phone? However, there is a desktop-friendly version of the website to view posts.
  • Numerous editing options allow you to create professional-looking images, videos, and photos.
  • It's an excellent platform for targeting millennial audiences. 60% of Users are 18-34 years old.

Strategies for Instagram Marketing for Realtors

Now let's get on to the good parts, the strategies! Keep reading to discover five ways Instagram can grow your realty business and strengthen your relationships.

1) Promote listings.

Instagram is a place where you can be very creative about how your listings are promoted.

2) Post a Virtual Tour.

Aside from regular posts in the feed, you can also create a Story - a collection of your videos or photos with a shelf life of 24 hours - that will appear at the top right corner of a user’s screen.

This is an excellent way to take a virtual tour through a property. You can add short video clips, images, commentary, and captions. The Story doesn't live publicly online, so there is less pressure to make it perfect. Your followers will expect you to post something more spontaneous than the typical social media post.

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Another way to make a virtual visit is to go live in an open house. You can then share a replay of your Story with your viewers later!

3) Share glimpses into your life

Your followers should not only see listings. Send photos of your day, from your dog to your vacation to the sunrise at your morning jog. Be mindful that not all #dogsofinstagram images are going to sell houses.

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4) Promote your brand

How do you stand out from other real estate agents in the area? Who can use Instagram to enhance your brand awareness no matter how well you have branded?

 5) Provide valuable [visual] info

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A great way to attract followers on social media is to provide valuable educational or helpful information. Instagram is not a place where you can post a link to an article. And who cannot click URLs within an Instagram posting?

All you have to do is share information. Instagram is filled with design inspiration. This topic is excellent for getting new clients. Look up searches such as #interiordesign #farmhousedecor or #dreamkitchen for the best photos. This type of post can be reposted by other people.

I hope this post has helped you make an informed decision about Instagram. It can be a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. You can quickly increase your reach if you link it to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts (so your Instagram posts also appear there).

Above you have learned about Instagram Marketing for Realtors. You can read our posts on Instagram-expectation-vs-reality.

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