Instagram is one of the most valuable tools a photographer can access via social media. Collaborations between photographers, brands, and companies are most common on Instagram.

Instagram marketing can be a powerful tool for your business. Where are your roots? What's your business name? What do you do? These are just a few details that can make an impact on how you get traffic to the profile. To be successful in Instagram marketing, you must build a following. Here are some ways to increase your profile to be noticed by many Instagram users.

1. Your bio should contain important information

When potential followers or Instagram followers visit your profile, their first impression is your bio.
Instagram limits how much information (characters!) you can include in your bio. It is essential to make the most of this space and only have the most pertinent and critical information. It will help someone search for a photographer within a particular area.

2. Posts don't need to be overdone

Make sure that your feed is clean and well-organized. Your photos should be organized in a separate file—plan at least one daily posting.

Post in the morning or afternoon, but only once daily to avoid spamming your news feeds.

You want your followers to see what you have and not be annoyed by them.

3. Do Some Storytelling

While your caption should be concise, you want to convey something your followers will relate to. You could use this example to illustrate: "As love was beginning to set, the sun was with this couple."

You should also include information about the place, gear, and other details. Your audience will influence the content. These details will allow you to add a personal touch and feel to your images.

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4. #Hashtags #MakeADifference

  • The amount of exposure you get on Instagram can be affected by hashtags.
  • You can hashtag everyone in the photo: hair/makeup artist, hotel, or rented studios.
  • Your hashtags should be relevant and valuable to potential local clients.

In the caption, put a few and then use the first comment to add more. You can keep your feed clean and clutter-free by doing this. The preview will not display the first comment after a few more words. It's all about #EXPOSURE

5. Tagging Clients

  • Encourage your client, if possible, to follow you at the session. It allows you to tag your client in the caption and the photo.
  • Your client will see it whenever they log into Instagram. It will make it easy for them to share the information or tag their friends and relatives to ensure they also see it. It will also be visible on their profile's "tagged photos."
  • Who will love it more if you get it to appear in more places?
  • You will be able to reach more people and gain more followers. It is the real purpose of Instagram marketing.

6. Screenshots are a great way to share important information other than photos

  • Instagram has one drawback. You can only share images, which is not possible with Facebook. There are simple ways to circumvent this limitation. You can make text-only posts that you feel are essential for your followers but don't contain images.
    Post something on Twitter and Facebook about upcoming mini session links from your blog or special offers. Simply take a picture of the post and, in the caption, add a link back to the original post.
  • This simple way to get your message across and direct them to your other social networks.

7. Your Images Do Not Have to Be Automatically Cropped

  • You can't avoid removing certain parts of your Instagram image when you upload it.
  • It was a great app that helped me keep certain parts of my images from being cut.
  • Photographers spend a lot of time thinking about how to frame their images. We value every detail.
  • The "No Crop" app allows you to add a "frame" to your images that are perfect for Instagram.
  • It means you won’t lose any parts of the sky or watermark when you upload your image. 

We hope everything is clear now.  You can read our post on what-is-the-meaning-of-tbh-on-Instagram.

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