Instagram is a powerful tool for promoting your cause in your non-profit social media marketing strategy. Instagram posts, stories, or ads are bright, crisp, and easily clickable.

While Facebook and Twitter are showing signs of slowing, Instagram is still growing. The stats surrounding Instagram usage have already been staggering. Each month, more than one hundred million users log onto Instagram. Instagram is an excellent platform for branding, and many nonprofits find it a better choice for fundraising than any other social network. These tips will show your social media marketing for nonprofits organization how to get the best out of their Instagram account.

Use the Instagram Stories

The majority of users view Instagram Stories. Between 2018-2019, the daily user count on Instagram Stories has increased from 400,000,000 to 500,000,000. Instagram Stories are consumed or created by more than half of its 1 billion monthly visitors.

These are the best tips and tricks to help you get the Instagram Marketing for Nonprofits most out of Instagram Stories.

  • You can post regularly on Instagram to boost engagement and keep your Stories in front of Instagram users.
  • Run Instagram Stories ads. You can create an Instagram Story campaign by using the Facebook ad Manager.
  • Integrate Instagram Live videos into your stories to drive interest.
  • Encourage your supporters and friends to share your donation sticker on their Instagram Stories.
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Create Instagram ads

You can also create Instagram ads, which will appear across the entire platform. Like Instagram Donation stickers, you will begin with your Facebook company page. Instagram accounts are not required to create Instagram ads. However, it's easier for you to engage with your fans if one is available.

Instagram ads can generate donations. For example, the British Heart Foundation launched an Instagram advertising campaign to encourage younger female runners to fundraise for its MyMarathon campaign. The campaign attracted almost 13% of its total signups.

Use's tagging function

In your Instagram posts about an event, you organize with another organization or a sponsor, make sure to tag them. It will notify them about the post and might encourage them to share it. Engaged users will be more likely to share your post if it appears in their other feeds.

Tagging your Instagram photos is free advertising. Tagging your Instagram photos is a great way to get free advertising. Tagging is one of many tools that connects the community.

Instagram Marketing for Nonprofits
Instagram Marketing for Nonprofits

You can keep your Instagram profile.

You can't just have an Instagram page. Your profile must be kept up-to-date. It is basically your Instagram homepage. Your Instagram Contact (Call To Action) Button can be set up so that visitors can reach you with a click or a tap.

You should use an omnichannel approach for updating your Instagram and other social media platforms. It means your contact information and other pertinent information should always be current. However, your brand tone must remain consistent across all platforms.

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Spend some time editing video captions

One of the best ways to market on Instagram is through your daily posts. Add a captivating photo or video to your Instagram account. You can also add a 2,200-character caption over three lines.

Captions are a great way of engaging with your audience. You can explain the history of your post, ask for donations, or share information you think your audience would be interested in.

Gain new followers with hashtags

Instagram hashtags are an integral part of Instagram culture. If you aren’t familiar with them, you may feel intimidated by their work.

Hashtags allow you to add clickable URLs to Instagram posts and ads. They allow you to track your social media reach and increase your Instagram content's discoverability.

People click on hashtags to fill their feeds with similar posts. Some people may see your post and become your followers.

Add Instagram to your content strategy.

Instagram is an excellent place for ads and donations appeals. However, it's only a part of your entire content strategy. Your content strategy should connect to your overall messaging.

Content strategies are a way to target the right audience, set goals, and find the best outlets for your information.

If you don't know where to start, Constant Contact's media adviser playbook is available for download. This step-by-step guide to understanding online marketing will help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Follow all tips to engage with your Instagram followers. It's not as difficult as you may think. Once you feel more comfortable creating content and interacting with the Instagram audience, you will quickly build an active and interactive community.

It's clear what you want to know about Instagram Marketing for Nonprofits. So, what's next? You may also want to read our blog posts about fix-unfortunately-Instagram-has-stopped-error for more information about your Instagram!

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