It's incredibly user-friendly, but finding the right fit for your business can be challenging. Here's a second handy Instagram Marketing Do's and Don'ts list to boost your marketing strategy.

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What Are Instagram Marketing Do's and Don'ts? 4

Did you know that Instagram boasts 500 million active users per day? And that an average of 4.2 BILLION "likes" are distributed daily? That's a lot of numbers that can be translated into a truly impressive impact. In terms of social media marketing, Instagram is the right choice. It has an average of 58 times more engagement per follower than the other platform, so you'll get more value for your money. If you're not already advertising on Instagram, and shouldn't be, you should.

Instagram Marketing Do's and Don'ts


Your brand should be instantly recognized. People want to look at an image and understand who put it up and their style. Use a logo for images that don't explicitly represent your business as long as it is helpful; however, don't get too "in the spotlight" about it.

Post quality photos. Did I communicate that enough? QUALITY. Nobody would be interested in poor-lit, poorly-lit, or blurry images. It's advertising, folks. If you don't want to be willing to pay for the space in an issue of a magazine, don't place your content on Instagram.

Utilize videos. Videos receive 38 percent more engagement than images; therefore, they're worth the effort. This is just a reminder once further... quality. No one is watching your video If it was shot on a potato. They'll just scroll past.

Post frequently, 59% of Instagram users are on Instagram every day. Per day, you should give them something to take a look at.

Make use of your Instagram stories. 70% of users view Instagram stories every day.

Find a flexible schedule for posting and strategy. It's important to know when you'll post ahead of time because, trust me, people will be able to detect when you're not following the rules.

Know your target audience. You'll be in a rut if you aren't sure who you're talking to. The ability to tailor your content for your intended audience is essential! If you're unsure of your audience, you can look at our tool for Buyer Persona at the end of this post.

Provide users with something enjoyable to look at. It doesn't have to be directly related to your business. Upload videos and images that make you smile and align with your brand or pictures of your smiling customers and employees. Add some spice to your life.

Use it to offer customers special offers - be it previews of products coming out, behind-the-scenes content, or even discounts or promotions. Giving them an incentive to follow your blog and keep an eye on your posts is essential. Pretty images won't do it every time.

Create descriptions that are concise and captivating. This is the basics of social media; however, you'd be surprised how many brands are doing the wrong thing.

Utilize hashtags as a pro. Make tags relevant to your product, and then use popular hashtags pertinent to your industry or current trends to gain more attention.

Engage with your followers! Follow them and follow them back! Repost the relevant content to their brand, Reward them with promotions, Get them involved by asking for user-generated content, and comment on their posts. Engage them. Ask them questions. What do they think about the new color or the new design of the website? Create a conversation. Interacting with your customers shows them that you're extremely friendly, and they'll appreciate it. However, be nice about it. Don't go overboard. Make sure it is relevant to your brand.

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Create a brand identity for your business. Develop a distinctive style or style and tell your story using your content.

Use Instagram ads. Get some bang for your back! Instagram advertising is around half the price of Facebook, with Instagram at around five dollars per thousand impressions, whereas Facebook costs about 10 dollars per 1,000.

I'm not sure how I came to write this, but, TRACK ENGAGEMENT. Don't just make a post and just hope for the most favorable results. Check out which posts get the most followers, and look up the tags being utilized. Then, make it happen.


Don't skimp on your profile. Be sure to have a compelling bio, including all pertinent hyperlinks on other social media platforms, your contact details, your website, and additional information. Your followers should be aware of what you're about and how to locate your website.

You can create many witty hashtags that no one will ever use, making you look like you're trying too difficult.

Don't share irrelevant images and videos that aren't relevant. We understand that toast with smashed avo is delicious, but unless you're an establishment, we're not required to view it.

Overpost. Overly many posts in a day, and people are likely to stop paying attention to your posts. Also,

Under post. If you post it, you'll disappear. It's as simple as that.

Make use of the content on different platforms. Instagram isn't Facebook as well as Twitter or Snapchat. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that they're interchangeable. You require a unique approach to social media for every platform. Instagram is about stunning videos and photos; you have to achieve that. Tumblr is an exception...

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Be too self-promotional. Brands that constantly blow their horns are the same as those who are doing it. Consider the issue for a second. The people who follow brands on Instagram connect with them rather than advertise that. It could be the end of your game, but it's not ours.

Do not use auto-commenters or follow bots. It's lazy and, ultimately, is insensitive to your readers. Don't do it.

Write vast blocks of text for the description. Nobody will take them in to read.

By following these rules and guidelines, you can improve your Instagram presence from a place at the lowest of the G-league to the top leagues and aim for the top spot.

Regarding marketing through social media, Instagram is the best choice. It's reported to have the highest engagement per user than the other platforms, meaning you'll receive more value for your money.

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