In the current digital marketing environment, Instagram marketing campaigns are becoming the most popular choice for brands because Instagram is the craze of media, with the most active users.

It requires a lot of planning, research and hard work to make an effective Instagram advertising campaign. Marketers need to understand their goals and what they expect out of the Instagram campaign for marketing. They need an innovative strategy to help to achieve the desired outcomes.

 An ongoing search for innovative content created by a wide range of brands and marketers has us excited to speak about the most successful cases from Marketing on Instagram campaigns that have been stately and unquestionably succeeded in the past five years.

1. MAC Cosmetics Halloween

MAC is very adept at knowing how to connect with their customers, and they certainly did that! This luxury cosmetic brand came up with the stellar Instagram hashtag campaign where the brand's senior makeup artists, John Stapleton and Regan Rabanal, introduced #SeniorArtistsSlayHalloween to encourage the makeup artist community & fans to represent their makeup skills at the global level.

Since the hashtag campaign revolves around Halloween, you can be sure the content is filled with creepy, spooky images, creepy characters, and mystic expressions.

2. Adidas #ORIGINALis

Through its #ORIGINALis hashtag campaign, Adidas has achieved a significant feat in the field of engagement. The main focus of the campaign is Adidas sells products that are associated with specific sports like basketball, football, and so on. However, in the year 2017, Adidas introduced a brand new line of clothing for hip-hop fans that is entirely innovative and exciting for the fans of their brand.

The hashtag #ORIGINALis campaign is viral among hip-hop culture fans. But, through its carefully developed influencers marketing strategy, Adidas has reached a vast audience that isn't just sportspeople.

Influencers have an enormous impression on the younger generations. Adidas plans to team up with Snoop Dogg, Stormzy, and Desiigner to present its latest designs with these top names.

Adidas's "original" hashtag campaign has been effective and resulted in an extraordinary level of engagement from users and thousands of posts using the hashtag #ORIGINALis.

Additionally, the mix of influencer marketing and videos is proven to increase participation from the audience and build an enormous customer base with this campaign.

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3. Wayfair Decor

Wayfair is an internet-based retailer offering furniture and home décor located in America. Wayfair's Instagram marketing campaign has set an example for the world of social media for the best-designed, optimized, and highly user-friendly.

Through this promotion, Wayfair naturally encourages customers to share photos of their homes decorated with Wayfair furniture with the hashtag #WayfairAtHome.

What's so user-friendly about Wayfair's Instagram promotion is that it has reposted the user-generated content and provided the product link, so potential buyers can quickly shop for the exact product displayed within the Instagram post.

Takeaway Wayfair offers an entire Instagram marketing campaign that permits customers to find new products and purchase the best products from social stores. UGC gets the benefit of authentic testimonials from customers and enables marketers the responsibility to create fresh and innovative content.

4. Orangetheory

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A fitness chain that is widely spread across the world, Orangetheory has been successful in running a hashtag-driven campaign that enhances its user experience. Orangetheory reposts their content or UGC posts on Instagram using #Orangetheory and adding attractive visual element images to their reposts.

Orangetheory employs a consistent and visually appealing strategy for content across Instagram advertising content.

In this campaign, most of their content is based upon the real-life experience of users, where they discuss the physical and health benefits their clients experienced when they joined their fitness program Orangetherory.

As Orangetheory grows with 1225 fitness centers around the globe, members from all over the world are sharing their journey to fitness by posting "before & now" Instagram posts with the hashtag #Orangetheory.

Orangetheory used the hashtag UGC to give them a personal look with pictures and texts such as "Keep Going, [user name]" to increase their customers' motivation.

5. ASOS Influencer Marketing

Instead of focusing on influencer marketing, ASOS chose to adopt a creative method of creating separate accounts to combine influencer marketing and sponsored creative content. ASOS established a separate Instagram account with the names @asos_olive and @asos_lotte.

ASOS gives these account credentials to renowned Instagram influencers. In these accounts, they share original content that showcases the ASOS clothing collection.

ASOS established a new benchmark in Instagram's marketing strategy because it reaches out to current followers and followers of influencers of these sponsors. ASOS's benefit with this innovative strategy for Instagram campaign marketing with influencers is the brands that influencers created content only for the company.

The takeaway is that ASOS is a great way to take advantage of influencer marketing and quickly create a massive fan base using the creative influencer marketing tactic.

6. Daniel Wellington

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A well-known brand of luxury watches, Daniel Wellington, achieved a unique position on the top Instagram marketing campaigns list. Through the combination of the marketing of celebrities and the sales promotion strategy, Daniels Wellington gained a rise in Instagram marketing and was able to attract potential customers and increase sales volume.

Daniel Wellington collaborated with the famous YouTuber Joseph Vincent, who is well-known for his musical acclaim. He posted an Instagram post on Instagram with the hashtag #danielwellington. He invited his followers and fans to purchase Daniel Wellington watches using the discount coupon.

The Instagram post of Joseph Vincent is sensual, showing a realistic appearance of watches for females and males in a photograph. It enthused the fans of Vincent and laid out a message to the music and singer community to look out for Daniel Wellington for themselves & their spouse.

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