One of the most significant benefits of using Instagram marketing best practices is that it offers you the chance to engage with your followers; however, it is your responsibility to manage the interaction.

Instagram is a unique platform due to its focus on content that is visual. To use it efficiently, you need to be creative in your videos and photos to use it efficiently. Because the bulk of Instagram content feeds consist of pictures and videos, you'll need to ensure that your content is noticeable to users.

7 Tips for Instagram marketing best practices

1. Make sure your posts are interesting

Your company's Instagram account shouldn't overflow with images that appear to be ads. Your Instagram posts must be appealing enough to ensure that people take pleasure in looking at the pictures, which takes an approach that is more imaginative than a conventional advertisement.

You're looking to establish brand recognition. However, you can achieve this by creating content that is truly interesting to read.

FedEx is an excellent example of a well-run Instagram account. The way they do it is easy: The account posts user-submitted pictures featuring FedEx trucks or planes in the photos. The main focus of the images usually isn't the cars themselves but the surrounding area.

People can take pictures of FedEx planes and trucks in different locations. These photos are part of the company's brand name but are visually attractive to draw users' attention.

Although you don't have to replicate FedEx's approach, you should be equally creative. The way they approached it made it simple for them to incorporate their brand's image into their photographs without making it the main focus of the picture.

It is possible to look up famous businesses like yours and share the same customer base. Check out their Instagram pages to see what type of content they publish. This will give you an insight into what the market is looking for.

2. Encourage followers 

Photos aren't posted just to share with others; therefore, you should consider how your posts will engage your readers. A captivating caption is one of the most crucial factors in creating posts that attract attention.

Your captions shouldn't just be slapped together at the last second to post an image. Make a list of what you want your viewers to know about the picture, and then decide if there's anything you'd like them to do in response. If someone views an image or video that they enjoy, they'll take the time to read the description, and you need to use this chance to grab their attention.

For specific posts, you could incorporate calls-to-action within your captions. They could be similar to "tag three friends who would like this!" or "tag someone you would take with you on this trip!" These captions inspire people to act and get involved with your post.

If you can encourage people to tag their friends, you broaden your reach and stand a possibility of earning additional followers.

You can also invite those who follow you to utilize a brand-name hashtag on the posts they make. For instance, Target posted a photo of a kid wearing clothing from the Cat & Jack clothing line. Then they encouraged others to use their hashtag #TargetLittles when their children's very first days of school pictures.

Hashtags can be a fantastic method to encourage people to interact with your content. Additionally, if you are using popular hashtags, they may assist other users in finding your profile.

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3. Use hashtags that are trending.

Apart from using your own branded hashtags, you could also think about using hashtags trending on your content. A lot of people use these hashtags each week.

Some popular hashtags include #motivationmonday, #transformationtuesday, and #tbt (throwback Thursday). These are just a few hashtags users use in a variety of ways.

You can benefit from these hashtags by sharing your photos that are relevant to them. People who search the hashtag will discover your post and think about following you.

If you're considering this option, it's crucial to use only appropriate hashtags to promote your brand. Relevant posts and hashtags could annoy users and can cost your followers.

4. Cross-promote accounts

If someone follows you on one social media site, There's a good chance they'll want to follow you on different platforms. This can be achieved by periodically posting links to different channels on your social profiles.

For instance, you could already have followers on Facebook who don't follow you on Instagram because they've never seen the Instagram accounts in their news feeds.

One way to address this is to cross-posting the most recent Instagram post on the Facebook pages of your business. This gives your Facebook fans an idea of the type of content they are likely to receive if they follow you on Facebook.

This is especially useful when you're not familiar with Instagram. If you already have a large following on other platforms posting an Instagram post can be a simple method to gain the first few followers.

5. Don't overdo it

One of the most common mistakes that businesses commit is posting excessively. It isn't a good idea to post often enough to upset your customers.

If you are posting too often, individuals may stop following your account, so you'll have to break your posts in a way that isn't too overwhelming or irritating.

Try a few different posting times and frequency intervals to discover what triggers the most significant engagement. You should publish new images when people are most likely to view and interact with them.

It is also possible to take this time to determine the types of posts that get responses and which don't. This testing in advance will help you determine the best way to achieve the results you desire from Instagram and develop an effective strategy from the beginning.

After you've identified the best times for posting and a frequency that works to promote your business, it's time to create a schedule for posting new content. Some companies frequently post throughout the day, and others prefer three to four posts per week.

Finding the ideal frequency is mostly a matter of trial and trial. If you discover that posting you post four times a day causes you to lose some followers, you can think that your posts must be more frequent.

Although you won't drop followers, you might generally experience less engagement. This could indicate that users are not enjoying the regularity of your posts, and it could be beneficial to scale down.

6. Include CTAs (CTAs)

Many businesses don't include calls to action or CTAs, in their content. A mistake that you shouldn't make as CTAs provide your followers with information on what they should do after reading the post, and they can also motivate them to act.

There are numerous ways to encourage your followers to get involved. It is possible to enable users to click on a link on your website, leave a message or upload an image using your hashtag.

If you're looking to get them to buy something, utilize your hashtag, or boost your brand's visibility, it is essential to provide the right direction. If they are interested in your post, continue scrolling, but not engaging.

7. Engage with followers

One of the most significant benefits of using social media marketing is that it offers you the chance to engage with your followers; however, it is your responsibility to manage the interaction.

If you receive comments from users on your images, you should express your appreciation to them for your comment and address any questions they may have. A lot of people use words to inquire for more information about particular products.

It is possible to address these concerns directly to users. This will help you establish relationships with your followers, which will eventually result in conversions.

A few users feel displeasure regarding your brand's image in the comments on your pictures. It is essential to be proactive in addressing your concerns and direct them to the appropriate location to be handled by the proper person. This helps build a positive relationship between your clients and your company.

Companies are awe-inspiring when they interact through their comments. As your profile increases, you may not be able to reply to each post, but you can choose those that you find interesting to respond to.

Connecting with any person who participates in your contests or uses your hashtags is possible. It is crucial to keep track of your hashtags and not just share images on your pages but engage with users who have your hashtag. This is another method to establish a strong connection with your clients.

Above you learn about what are the Instagram marketing best practices. You can also check out our articles regarding how-to-level-up-your-visual-branding-on-Instagram

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